10 Best Red Wine Brands

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Wine is made up of fermented grape juice and is an alcoholic drink. The original grape wine is produced by fermenting the crushed grape juice with various types of yeast.
So, here we have the top 10 brands of red wine for you guys,

French Beaujolais

French Beaujolais wine 10 Best Red Wine Brands

This type of wine is made by Gamay grapes. This one is really a light bodied red wine; its name is from the historical province of Beaujolais; which was a wine producing region.

South African Pinotage

South African Pinotage Wine 10 Best Red Wine Brands

This wine comes with smoky, bramble and earthy flavors. These are also made up of grapes in South Africa. These were bred in 1925.

German Spatburgunder

German Spatburgunder Wine 10 Best Red Wine Brands

It is also called Pinot noir, which is a form of red grape wine. The pinot noir grapes are grown all over the world and are associated with Burgundy region of France.

Argentinean Malbec

Argentinian Malbec Wine 10 Best Red Wine Brands

This wine is made with purple grapes, which are think-skinned grapes. This is an inky or violet colored wine.

Californian Zinfandel

Californian Zinfandel Wine 10 Best Red Wine Brands

This is produced in the country Napa and is named after the name of the grape from which it is made.

Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon

Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon Wine 10 Best Red Wine Brands

It is the most widely recognized wine in the world and is internationally recognized.

Italian Chianti

Italian Chianti wine 10 Best Red Wine Brands

Chianti is basically an Italian wine and is packed in a straw basket called fiasco. The area Chianti was defined in 1716.

Australian Shiraz

Australian Shiraz Wine 10 Best Red Wine Brands

Shiraz is a dark skinned grape and this wine is made from those grapes, this wine is really popular among people.

French Bordeaux

French Bordeaux Wine 10 Best Red Wine Brands

Wine that is produced in the Bordeaux region of France is the Bordeaux wine. It has many levels starting from table wine to the most prestigious wines.

Spanish Rioja

Spanish Rioja Wine 10 Best Red Wine Brands

La Rioja is the place in Spain where this wine is made. La Rioja is a wine region and has 123,000 acres area of wine yards.

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