Top 10 Most Popular Beer Brands

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Beer is the most widely used alcoholic beverage all around the world. After water and tea it is the oldest drink taken. Beer is made by the fermentation of starch and mostly beers are flavored with hops which add a little bitterness and used for conservation purpose. Beer is associated with different cultural festivals like beer festivals etc. As the title says it this time we have list of top 10 most popular beer brands.

1.������ Budweiser

budweiser Top 10 Most Popular Beer Brands

This is called the king of beers! Every sip makes your day!

2.������ Heineken

heinekin Top 10 Most Popular Beer Brands

A beer with bold taste which you call “SKUNKY”!

3.������ Corona Extra

Corona Extra Top 10 Most Popular Beer Brands

Normally customers give thumbs up for that! Because it looks delicious when taken with lime

4.������ San Miguel Pale Pilsen

san miguel pale pilsen Top 10 Most Popular Beer Brands

This is a light gold and long lasting taste. You drink it and it is sweet and refreshing but a little bitter at the end.

5.������ Guinness

guiness Top 10 Most Popular Beer Brands

You taste this beer and it is laughable! The bitterness is less and the sweetness is more. It is very thin and watery.

6.������ Miller Lite

miller lite Top 10 Most Popular Beer Brands

Due to its neutral taste it is compatible with all the food. It has low calories and and a fewer amount of carbs.

7.������ Coors Light

Coors Light Top 10 Most Popular Beer Brands

This is the third largest beer producing company in United States. They are famous for operating Golden, Colorado Brewery which is the largest single brewery facility in the world.

8.������ Sam Adams

sam adams Top 10 Most Popular Beer Brands

This is an American brand of beer. This name of Samuel Adams, was a name to honor a person who did a great work for American revolution, it is among the largest companies of America.

9.������ Yuengling

yuengling1 Top 10 Most Popular Beer Brands

This type of beer is produced by D.G Yuengling & Son, which is the oldest brewing company in US. They produce annually 3.6 million barrels.

10.�� Sarajevsko Pivo

sarajevsko Top 10 Most Popular Beer Brands

It is a premium beer with amazing luxury taste. It is said that it has long lasting, smoother and very clear effect. It is made in Bosnia and due to their high quality water it is good.

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5 Responses to “Top 10 Most Popular Beer Brands”

  1. waqas says:

    I would like to take Sarajevsko Pivo wow taste

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  2. Thomas says:

    These are the most popular beer brands in America, I live in Europe and I’ve never seen number 4 and 6 until 10

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  3. Rich says:

    Sorry, I cannot believe for one second America’s garbage beers,Coors,Miller and Bud are among the WORLD’s top 3. Who did they poll? Toothless inbred rednecks from Texas?

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  4. Rich says:

    After rereading the article, it MUST be referring to Americans because Corona? San Miguel? Bud? Miller? COORS??????????????? Americans are soooooooooo clueless when it comes to quality beer

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  5. Tokintekai Uereti says:

    I would glad to see pacific on the top ten

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