Beer is a type of alcoholic beverage which is consumed world widely and is in fact one of the oldest drink of the world. It is produced by the fermentation of starch, wheat, maize or rise. Mostly people use beers that is flavored with hops, which makes the beer a little bitter but it is a natural preservative.
As beer is used world widely then obviously there will be companies who spend massive amount of money on the advertisement. And as all of us know, when the advertisement is interesting, funy or eye catching only then its marketing can be done. So guys here we have the top 10 most funny beer commercials.

fun beer ads 10 Most Funny Beer Commercials

10. Carlsberg Beer


9. Bergenbier Beer


8. One More Beer please!


7. Bud Light – Always Worth it!


6. Guinness- Good Things Come to those who wait


5. Miller Lite-Sharing is Caring


4. Carling-Frustrating


3. Heineken- Serving the Planet


2. Bud Light