Armies are for self defense and they ensure the existence of the country against intruders, they protect the goals for existence of every country and they acquire the target. Air, sea and land are the three ways in which the country needs security and for this we have army, Air Force and Navy.

The size of the army depends on the challenges and threats faced by the countries and the hegemonic designs of the country. But if you don’t have any threats from neighboring countries or if the country is surrounded by strong countries then they don’t require having large forces.
Geo political situations of the countries behind that also effect the armies. For example China has to prepare them against the USA and have to make their economy strong and side by side they have t o prepare themselves from the neighboring countries like Taiwan and India. Similarly America needs to maintain their hegemonic design like they have to influence themselves in Middle East, Afghanistan plus Iran etc. They also want to get hold of mineral resources of Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan and central Asian states. They also want to keep Russia in their shoes while being in Afghanistan. So to manage all these things they need to have a really strong plus a lot of troops. So, these are the basic contributing factors to the size of the armies of the world. It all makes our government to decide on what security measures and what equipment do we need.
So, here we have this post for you about the top 10 largest armies of the world and number of their activities.

us army Top 10 Strongest & Largest Armies In The World

10. Iran – 320,000

They have really good and effective army and is among one of the best armies of the Middle East too. They have 14 land divisions and 15 air force squadrons.170 vessels. Their “shihab 3” is the best ballistic missile. Their unavoidable military force is really awesome!

9. Myanmar – 425,000

They have 425,000 active forces with 72,000 paramilitary forces. Their responsibility is to conduct the military operations. In this year 2011 there is a law in Myanmar that every male or female who has an age of 18 to 35 must be given the military training of 2 years. So, in case of national emergency they should be used.

8. Iraq – 450,000

The active troops are 450,000 with a lot other personal serving and guards. They were quite active in the Anglo-Iraqi War, 1948 Arab-Israeli War, Six Day War, Yom Kippur War, Iran-Iraq War, Gulf War and Iraq War.

7. United States – 550,000

Their motto is “The We’ll Defend”. The US Army has been very efficient in the Revolutionary War, Indian Wars, War of 1812, Mexican- American War, Utah War, American Civil War, World War I, World War II, Vietnam War, Gulf War, War in Afghanistan and Iraq War.

6. South Korea – 560,000

The Good Korea has the active number of soldiers 560,000 and their military strength is of Terrain Marines, Firebat Shock, Troops, Vulture Anti Personnel Vehicles, 30,000,000 photon canons and many more.

5. Pakistan -617,000

Pakistan is a small country but has one of the best military forces, their army, air force; navy and the paramilitary forces are active for every crisis. They have 48,500,000 male military troops and 44,899,000 female troops. They have the efficient tanks, missiles, fighter jets, submarines and all the best equipment available.

4. Russia – 1,027,000

Russia has the conventional Arms exports of $6,197,000,000, people with 18-27 years have to get military education compulsory. They have the 22,950 tanks and 2,358 aircrafts in Europe and 4,982 battle tanks.

3. North Korea – 900,000

They have the three echelons of armies having 806th and 815th Mechanized Corps and 820th Armored Corps. Their total tank inventory is 4,500 units with 7 categories or more anti tank weapons. Their awesome part was in the major wars like the Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf War, Afghanistan war and the Iraq War.

2. India – 1,325,000

Indian army is the second largest army in the world their primary mission is to ensure security and defense of the country. Their humanitarian rescue operations are worth praise. Their troops other than the active ones are 1,140,000.

1. China – 290,000

China has the largest army but it is said that they are purely trained and equipped, they have 8,500 tanks, 4,000 fighter jets and still some are under development, 61 submarines and 54 surface ships. They have the squadron of Su27 fighter planes. Their manpower and the financial situation is is letting them in making the country with the largest army size.