Lady Gaga’s original name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanottas, She was born on 28 March, 1986 and her stage name is Lady Gaga. She is the most talented pop singer and songwriter. Her first album was The Fame and her top numbers were “Just Dance” and “Poker Face”.
She is the most creative and innovative singer and has the most amazing music creations. Other than music, the must seen part is her dressing! The unique fashion style is a part of her personality. Which ROCKS!
And here we have this post about the top 10 things that will make you like Lady Gaga more.

lady gaga 10 Reasons To Like Lady Gaga


She showed her talent in music when she was a little girl and that makes her more experienced, professional and more talented singer and songwriter.


She is a fashion icon! Her outfits are strange! Like that meat dress she wore and many others (you can see our lady gaga’s costume post for that) are amazing. She wears them with full confidence that matches her personality a lot.


Her song “BORN THIS WAY” is kind of an inspiration for all of us, meaning that just stay the way you are and never bother what other people want you to be.


She performs her heart out, no matter what costume she is in, she makes her show highly attention grabbing!


If you ever read the lyrics of her songs you’ll know that every song has some meaning behind that. It is said that her mostly songs are about the experiences of her life.


She is the reason behind the invention of camera glasses. Which can shoot both videos and photos and has memory embedded on the earpieces and can be connected to a printer via usb and can be transferred via Bluetooth.


As we all know that she is gay and has been a great support for the gay community and democratic rights. She also participates in rallies and always wants to be a positive influence in the world.


She always knows what tunes you like to sing or what particular line can stuck into your head for hours like Rah, rah, ah,ah,ah. Roma, ro, ma, ma. Gaga, Ooh la la. Want your bad romance!


You know! Gaga never minds if people don’t like her, because there is determination in her and that is the reason that majority of people like her.


And finally, Gaga is the name for being cool, unique and fashionable! She always refers to her fans as monsters and people might not like her with her original name but they really love the gaga factor! It is meant for LIFE!