11th March, 2011 was a tragic day for Japanese nation. Tsunami and Earthquakes have demolished everything there, not only this year but in December, 2004 tsunami and earthquake ruined everything in Indonesia. But talking about Japan, it is the most prepared nation to fight against calamities like earthquakes but nobody was prepared for a tsunami and this high magnitude earthquake of 8.9 scales.
Due to all these tragic events I am writing this article about the safety measures you can take to help people survive earthquakes.

tsunami japan 2011 10 Must Follow Safety Tips For Earthquake and Tsunami


If you live near sea then move towards the high ground as soon as possible, so you do not get caught by Tsunami.


During earthquake stay away from glass or window walls, because most of the injuries occur due to the falling objects.


During Earthquake drop to ground immediately or get protection of your head and face by a doorway or table.


If you are inside during earthquake then move immediately to some safe place instead of going out because there is more chance of getting injured from falling objects outside.


Get to know where are the places where you can switch off your gas, electricity and water immediately.


During earthquake do not use elevator or if you are in the elevator during earthquake then exit from the first stop.


Do not stay in cars during earthquake because falling objects or building can hit the cars, instead of that move outside to some safer place.


Subways and underground locations are safe places so do not panic and rush in those places.


Stay aware of the landslides or if you see sand os stones keep falling down then run away immediately.


After an earthquake, if your place of staying is damaged then do not come near to that place because it can collapse easily.