Everybody hates their job and consider it to be the worst job, but to cheer you guys up I am writing this article and I am sure that you are going to love your job after reading this article about the top 10 weirdest jobs.
Seriously the list is hilarious and will make you love your job a little

Weird Jobs Top 10 Weirdest Jobs in 2011

10. Queen Bee Producer

The people who work with the production of the most impressive “Queen Bee” are the Queen Bee producer and seriously!! It is totally weird

9. Foley Artist

These are the people who are responsible for making the everyday environmental sounds in different movies and shows.

8. Pathoecologist

WTF! That was my first reaction when I came to know about this one! 😀 these are the people who study feces from thousands of years ago and learn about the diets of those people.

7. Chicken Sexer

These people figure out gender of baby chicks and sort them according to that. Haha! What a job title!

6. Cryptozoologist

These are the people that we see on TV who describe about the Big Foot monsters that they really are real. By using their science skills they prove it.

5. Ufologist

They study about the UFO’s, all of their related things like the history, reports, government conspiracies and almost everything about them.

4. Whiskey Ambassador

These people are getting paid for drinking whiskies! :p yeah! They rate the best whiskeys and are fully appreciated by clients.

3. Bad Breath Smeller

They are paid for breathing on people’s faces! Lol =D well they normally work for the chewing gum manufacturing company that whether their chewing gum is effective or not.

2. Armpit Sniffers

These people are hired by deodorant manufacturers to test if it masks body odor after applying it in armpit, and they test it by sniffing armpits of people , so Bizarre.!

1. Pet Food Taster

Haha! They eat the dog’s or cat’s food and sometimes like it very much! :p they taste the food with the taste buds of a dog. Have you not seen the advertisement saying “dog food improved and tastier now!” well this is just because of these people who taste it!