Facebook is a wonderful social networking website where you can connect with your friends and also with other people sharing your interests. But all this fabulous surfing on the website does not come without few regrets and desires that if fulfilled, will make the facebooking experience even more exciting. Following are a few things that I think Facebook definitely needs to add amongst its features to make it more enjoyable and at the same time more useful without losing its charm.

Facebook Top 10 Features Facebook Desperately Needs

10. Doing something other than just poking friends:

First of all, a lot people take the meaning of poking on Facebook differently. For some it is rude, for some it is fun. All in all, I for one never understood its meaning. And it would be better if besides just having an option of poking your contacts good heartedly or with any sort of otherwise intentions, Facebook should allow doing something more, like passing smiles, giving hugs, sending perhaps handshakes or thumbs up or just anything kind of on the same lines. This will make Facebook a lot more fun with friends and cheer people up a bit as well.

9. Interacting with groups and pages one is not a member of:

Another feature that Facebook doesn’t have is allowing users to comment on groups and pages they are not a member of. It makes perfect sense that one should join a group or a page if they want to interact there, but it also happens sometimes, as there are endless possibilities with many things under the sun, that a user wants to just comment on something particular only, and does not want to join the page or a group for doing this. Or at least a user should be allowed a certain number of comments to be made on a page or a group without joining and then if a user exceeds this limit of permission, he or she should be asked to join the page and not be banned from Facebook altogether, as is the action that Facebook takes when it sees such things as “harmful”.

8. Unlimited characters’ usage for a status update:

Facebook should allow a user to have a status of a limitless number of characters. Or at least it should increase it from its present allowed characters’ length. Nobody is going to write a whole story about what they are doing, but it does happen many a times that a user wants to say something more on his or her activity, or wants to elaborate on something through their status; they should be permitted to do this. If their friends don’t mind reading at length about what they have to say, Facebook should neither.

7. Remaining unbanned on Facebook:

If an administrator removes your post from their wall, he or she should only ban you from a group or a page, not ban you from the Facebook altogether. In fact, Facebook itself should not ban anyone if their activities involve nothing more than just posting many links or commenting a lot on a page, a group or on users’ walls. If the content of their links or comments is not offensive, especially then there is no reason for banning that person and closing his or her account. It does nothing more than force the person to again make a new email address to make a new Facebook account, as it does not also allow having two accounts with the same email. Add the contacts again, join pages and groups again. Facebook should save people’s time and energy in this hectic work and not ban them from Facebook for a “crime” of posting and commenting a lot. In short, for being socialites on their online network.

6. Making folders for messages:

Another feature that Facebook doesn’t has unlike most of the other platforms which do allow is to make folders of the messages that people send you or the messages that you receive from the pages or groups you have joined. You definitely want to categorize them for easier access and later use. Facebook should add this feature as soon as possible. Similarly it should have the facility of emailing or sending forward these messages to other networks. Just like I do sometimes exchange emails that I get from Gmail to Hotmail or vice versa for any particular reason.

5. Saving chat history:

Facebook should have an option of saving chat history. I do not want to mention in particular the other social media that allow saving of the chat history, but for sure this one feature for unknown reasons Facebook has not allowed its users. Many a times it happens that you want to go back on what you had said or what someone else had said in particular and you want to check back, or there has been some sharing of a link that you in a hurry at that time did not save anywhere else and now you want to go back and check that link. For these and many other such reasons, including reading back on something sweet that your friend said, chat history between users should be allowed to be saved.

4. Who is visiting me feature:

Now, when I want to add so many people on my Facebook contact list, I want to not only categorize them, that is one thing Facebook provides, but I also want to know who has visited my profile, seen my wall or links, or my photos, and how many times have they done that. So that I can know who is interested in my particular activity and who is not. I can then add or remove or interact with those users in the manner according to the feedback I would receive on my activities. There are many applications that tend to claim they can indicate who has been visiting your profile lately, but that estimation is hardly true. And what about knowing who is watching the videos I post and who is reading the articles I share and how many times do they do it. If Facebook would add this feature, the whole facebooking experience would be catapulted high. Who does not agree?

3. Having unlimited number of friends:

I don’t know why I can’t have a million friends. This world consists of so many people. Why can’t I befriend them all, if not in reality, then virtually through Facebook? This is another thing that should be a part of Facebook’s rules, not the other way round of not permitting more than a few hundreds of friends. I want to have my entire family, my cousins, my first and second cousins and yes even my grandparents to be my contacts on Facebook. My entire school fellows, my entire neighborhood and yes, pretty much everybody I have ever seen. I can keep my profile private for those I want to. This is one of the best features that Facebook allows its users. So there is no harm in adding people I have ever seen or known in my entire life on Facebook. Is there? Well, if you know of any drawbacks to adding unlimited number of friends on Facebook, please do highlight here.

2. Unlimited membership to a number of pages and groups:

Another thing that is almost annoying to those who do their most social networking through this website giving it preference over others is Facebook’s limitation on joining groups and pages. Again the same logic of it being an interactive platform applies to this demand, without fulfilling which it kills its purpose and loses its charm to an extent. What is the use of having to join only a limited number of pages and groups when we find so many pages and groups in line with our interests, and there can be really a thousand groups and pages I should be allowed to join only on my interests in cats alone. Why is Facebook asking me in a way to restrict my choices and likenesses in life, when I want to join thousands of pages and groups related to my pet, or my favorite hobby or a movie or anything for that matter? Again as a rule, Facebook ought to allow unlimited membership to any number of pages and groups a user wants to join to enhance facebooking experience. Facebook will benefit from it. If anyone knows that such a thing could bring any harm to Facebook, then please enlighten here, I would like to know the devastating secret which could harm Facebook just by providing this permission to its users.

1.Unlimited number of postings:

First of all, Facebook’s primary purpose is to connect people of similar interests so that they can share their views, opinions and just about anything they want regarding their common topic. So for this reason, as a rule, Facebook ought not to have any limits on the number of links one can post and the number of comments one can make, whether they be similar or different. Because, if I am posting same links to a number of pages or groups, it means that I want to share that same thing with all. It does not mean in any way that I am spamming. Facebook should develop a separate system by which it can detect real spam and not genuine posts as spam. And similar is the case with comments. If I am posting a lot of comments which are the same, it means that I want to say the same to all, and when it is different, the Facebook should be happy instead that I am being so interactive on its platform and its purpose of creation is being served. I should be given a badge to honor my constant contributions. This will make it fun as well to show how active a user is and others can follow and find something to promote their own activities. In the end, it will not harm Facebook in anyway, but only generate more revenues for the website. I don’t know why the administrators handling such things on Facebook do not allow it to grow in this positive manner. There is no harm in it, but only good especially for its users.