10 Most Popular Shades / Sunglasses

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shades 10 Most Popular Shades / SunglassesSummers are coming and I am sure most of you might strongly wish to know about some of the coolest sunglasses for men. After all, this is the season when you can enjoy at the beaches under the hot sun. At that time, wearing fashionable sunglasses do add to your looks and personality. I bet you don’t want to look ugly at the beaches.
First of all I will divulge to you some common and interesting information about sunglasses, as per the pattern, than will move on to the top 10 countdown. Sunglasses serve two purposes. Firstly, it provides us protection from the UV rays of the sun which can damage our vision. Secondly, it comes as a fashion symbol also for both men and women. In the early 20th century, these were known as sun cheaters, cheaters being an American slang term for glasses.
Let us have a look at the top 10 countdown.

10. Michael Kors Barcelona Sunglasses

Michael Kors Barcelona Sunglasses 10 Most Popular Shades / Sunglasses

The retail price of this is $195. It is actually a hybrid of traditional aviators and functional sports shades. It has got a very slim, sleeked frame with a gently curved style. Try wearing these sunglasses with cuffed jeans and leather jacket. Do try it out.

9. Armani Exchange Sporty Shield Sunglasses

Armani Exchange Sporty Shield Sunglasses 10 Most Popular Shades / Sunglasses

For those of you, who intend to maintain a decent style but at a low cost, here is your chance. This style will cost you only $70. Forget about around-the-eye skin problems and protection from the damaging UV rays of the sun. As you can very well see in the picture, it has a wide frame enough to cover your skin and eyes. A gray or a black blazer will go good with this one.

8. Spitfire Beckett Sunglasses

Spitfire Beckett Sunglasses 10 Most Popular Shades / Sunglasses

Costing as low as only $35, this one is less than none. This will give you a sporty look. The best thing about this is it suits with almost all the outfits and protects your eyes from the UV rays in a pragmatic fashion.

7. Tom Ford Cross-Detail Aviators

Tom Ford Cross Detail Aviators 10 Most Popular Shades / Sunglasses

Now I want you all to peep into your wallets before thinking of this shade. Yes, this one will cost you around about $381. This style is one of the dashing and eye-catching among all the sunglasses. If women are south poles of a magnet, then after wearing these glasses you become the north pole of the same magnet. That was the best part about this.

6. Alexander Wang Tortoiseshell Acetate Curved

Alexander Wang Tortoiseshell Acetate Curved 10 Most Popular Shades / Sunglasses

Though expensive but not much as compared to the previous one, this one is worth $228. Its name tells a lot about it. It is a product of a New York designer du jour Alexander Wang. This glasses give a vintage feel with a chunkier frame and dark tinted lenses.

5. Persol 2747S

Persol 2747S 10 Most Popular Shades / Sunglasses

It is worth $176.99. The most striking thing about this is that these are handmade in Italy. This is made out of tortoise shell and is a product of Persol. It is the type that will never go out of fashion and it is highly durable and long-lasting stuff. It is worth buying.

4. Nueu Sunglasses

Nueu Sunglasses 10 Most Popular Shades / Sunglasses

Costing $99, this one is made out of highly durable, light-weight acetate which implies that this is suitable for a rough living style. It can sustain, to a much greater extent as compared to others, the physical shocks.

3. Retro Super Future’70s Italian (Black)

Retro Super Future’70s Italian Black 10 Most Popular Shades / Sunglasses

Sorry but I don’t have a reliable price quote for this style and I don’t want to tell you a wrong one either, so I would abstain from writing anything about its price. This one is greatly influenced by the Italian design and can be wore with almost any outfit but in particular with white trousers and dress shirts.

2. Karen Walker Eyewear Helter Skelter

Karen Walker Eyewear Helter Skelter 10 Most Popular Shades / Sunglasses

This one costs $170. This adds to your style irrespective of the dress you wearing. It has curved lenses, gold arms and smoky lenses. Try putting it on with belt, pocket scarf or tie and you will see the miracle happening right infront of the mirror.

1. Oakley Radar Range Jet Black 09-668 Polarized

Oakley Radar Range Jet Black 09 668 Polarized 10 Most Popular Shades / Sunglasses

It is mostly a sportswear and a lot of sportsmen love wearing this one. The lens in this polarized version is designed in a way to block the blinding rays of glare. There is a permanent lens coating that prevents rain and sweat from building up on the lens. it costs around $354

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