10 Most Populated States In America

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This post is about the list of those states of America which are abundantly populated. These states have the highest number of inhabitants living in them abounding US premises and having the highest population. Ten top most states have been enlisted in this post which has highest population stats with the highest percentage among the other states of America.
Following latest list recorded in 2010 below describes the top 10 most populated states in America as follows:

10). North Carolina:

This state is located on the South-Eastern side of America bordering South Carolina and Georgia from the South side, Tennessee from the West and Virginia from the North side of US. North Carolina has 100 countries and its capital is Raleigh and its largest city is Charlotte. The census population recorded in this state recently in 2010 is 9,535,483 with the 3.05%.

09). Georgia:

Georgia is located in South-Eastern of US. It is bordering Florida from the South of US; Atlantic Ocean and South Carolina from the East, Alabama from the West and Tennessee and North Carolina from the North. Georgia is also known as the Peach state and the Empire state of the South. The census population recorded 9,687,653 numbers of inhabitants living in this state with 3.10%.

08). Michigan:

It is located on the Great Lakes Region of US. This state is on the eight numbers on the top ten states which are most populous. It contains the longest river coastline bounded by four or five rivers. It is that state of America which is famous because of its amateur boating due to 64,980 lakes and ponds inland on this state. This state has 9,883,640 population numbers with 3.16%.

07). Ohio:

This state of US is a Mid-Western state. This is the seventh most populous state which has 11.5 million residents. This state was originally the possession of North-West territory but now it has got partitioned. It is known as ‘Buckeye’ state (concerning the Ohio buckeye tree) and the inhabitants are known as Ohioans or Buckeyes. The percentage of population of the inhabitants is 3.69%.

06). Pennsylvania:

It is located in the North-Eastern and Mid-Atlantic region of America bordering Delaware and Maryland from the South side, West Virginia from the South-West side, Ohio from the West side, New York, Ontario and Canada from the North side, and New Jersey from the East side of US. This state contains 12,702,379 numbers of residents with the percentage of 4.06%.

05). Illinois:

This is the fifth most populous state of United States of America. Particularly, it is the most populous state among all the states of Mid-West region. About 65% of the residents of Illinois are the residents of the Chicago metropolitan area. This state, like all other states, has small towns and villages’ characteristics. The number of inhabitants of this state is 12,830,632 with the total percentage as 4.10%.

04). Florida:

This state is on the South-Eastern side of US on the Gulf coast bordering Gulf of Mexico from the West side, Alabama and Georgia from the North side, and Atlantic Ocean from the East side of America. It has an area of 65,755 square miles (170,305kilo meter square) and this state is ranking 22nd among the other 50 states of US regarding in size. The capital of this state is Tallahassee and the largest city of Florida is Jacksonville. Florida has 18,801,310 numbers of inhabitants with 6.01%.

03). New York:

This state is on the North-Eastern side of US. This is the third most populous state among the top most states bordering New Jersey and Pennsylvania from the South side, and Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont from the East side of US. This state is known as New York state in order to differentiate from the New York City. It is a well-populated and well-known state of America. This state has 19,378,102 numbers of residents with the percentage of 6.19%.

02). Texas:

Texas is the second highest state of America regarding both area and population. It is located on the South-Central side of US bordering Mexico from the South side, New Mexico from the West side, Oklahoma from the North side, Arkansas from the North-East side and Louisiana from the East side of America. Texas is highly populated with 25,145,561 numbers of inhabitants with the percentage of 8.04%.

01). California:

California is located on the West-Coast of Us. This city is nick-named as ‘The Golden State’ and it is the highest ranking state of US. It is the third largest state regarding land area. This state’s area starts from the Pacific coast of the West; Sierra Nevada Mountains from the East side, Mojave Desert are from the South-East side and ends at the Redwood-Douglas-fir forests of the North-West side. The capital of California is Sacramento and it is a highly populated state with 37,253,956 numbers of residents and 11.91% is the total percentage of the inhabitants of California.

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