A woman knows the face of the man she loves, as a sailor knows the open sea” (HONRE DE BALZAC). It seems like that Kate Middleton has finally recognized that this face is no other than Prince William’s. The heart beat of people is now going in sync with the rhythm of this great event and why not. This fabulous occasion is going to set the standard for the weddings to come. Everyone is waiting for 29th of April and by virtue of this, both the month of April and the date 29 earn a historic recognition. Don’t stop reading here as there are lots of other amazing facts that you would not like to listen from your friends. Be the first one to know !


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royal wedding 2011 uk 10 Interesting Facts About The Royal Wedding 2011

arrow3 10 Interesting Facts About The Royal Wedding 2011 The couple is going to vow to spend the whole life with one another on 29th April, Friday. This day has been made an extra bank holiday and the ceremony is going to begin at 11am sharp. It is an alarming signal for all the late risers as they will miss this historic day for sure. Better get up early guys !

arrow3 10 Interesting Facts About The Royal Wedding 2011 The Royal wedding is scheduled to take place in Westminster Abbey. Westminster is associated with a history which dates back as old as 1066 and all the British monarchs have been crowned here.

arrow3 10 Interesting Facts About The Royal Wedding 2011 Have patience, yes you can watch the Royal wedding on various channels as CNN, BBC, Fox and CBS etc. A worldwide audience of 2 billion is expected. I guess the world’s entire population is around 7 billion. Do correct me if I am wrong. This is really a huge audience guys. Marvellous !

arrow3 10 Interesting Facts About The Royal Wedding 2011 Sorry guys ! but I am afraid I cannot ruin the excitement of this wedding by not telling you all about the ring which is going to be on the wedding finger of Kate Middleton. I hope you can manage your girls. So, this ring is made of gold from the Clogau Gold Mine in the Welsh mountains. The estimated cost of this ring is around 85,000 pounds.

arrow3 10 Interesting Facts About The Royal Wedding 2011 Don’t miss the chance to wave your flag at Kate Middleton’s car. Remember the places through which Kate Middleton is going to pass to reach the ceremony venue. She will be driven through The Mall, Horse Guards Parade, Whitehall and Parliament square. Don’t get late because now that these places have been made public, I can’t say that whether you are going to get a pertinent place to let her see you waving the flag. Believe me, these places are going to be packed like sardines.

arrow3 10 Interesting Facts About The Royal Wedding 2011 Most of you will be curious about what is the schedule of the events which are going to take place after the ceremony. So, only the friends and family of Prince William and Kate Middleton will be invited to a private lunch reception hosted by Her Majesty. Prince Charles has also orchestrated a private dinner that evening and dance floor is waiting for the rest of the people till late night. Let us hope that K&W are not in a hurry to spend some private time with each other because the ceremony seems to be interminable.

arrow3 10 Interesting Facts About The Royal Wedding 2011 Okay, the most awaited question. Who is invited on the Royal wedding? yeah yeah I am not including myself in the wedding list. Around 1900 have been asked to attend the ceremony, 600 to the lunch Palace and 300 for the events scheduled to take place in evening. All the big British Royals and the family members of Kate Middleton have been invited. David Beckham has also scored the goal into the wedding net as you all will see him along with Victoria Beckham. Other renowned faces are Sir Elton John, David Furnish, Rowan Atkinson, Guy Ritchie and Sir Clive Woodward.

arrow3 10 Interesting Facts About The Royal Wedding 2011 Just make a rough estimate of the total cost this wedding is going to incur. Never mind, let me tell you but this surely is out of your imagination. You can go on a world tour in your dreams but I doubt you guessing the cost of this wedding. Here comes the big figure and it is 50 million pounds to 100 million pounds. The large portion of the total cost will be covered by the Royals and the Middletons. For those who complain that this is going to give a strong blow to the overall economy of the country, the costs can be covered to a much greater extent by the sale of commemorative plates and tea towels.

arrow3 10 Interesting Facts About The Royal Wedding 2011 Looks like David Cameron is more excited on this wedding as compared to other people. For those who don’t know, let me bring this to your knowledge before it is too late that you can go running towards the streets and celebrate the wedding there. Hey cop ! you can’t stop me. I have got the Prime Minister on my back. I hope everything goes as it is perceived by David Cameron. Best of luck Premier !

arrow3 10 Interesting Facts About The Royal Wedding 2011 Don’t you know about the wedding dress of Kate Middleton? Don’t look at me guys, I don’t know either this time. But there are rumors about the dress she is going to wear. She may be wearing dress by Sophie Cranston of the Libelula label or some other anticipated designers are Daniella Helayel, Phillipa Lepley etc. Can Kate Middleton really cross Anne Hathaway’s Oscars gig for the ‘Most outfits for one Event prize’. Wait and watch !