Top 10 Tea Producing Countries

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Today we have this post about those particular countries which are on the top of the list to produce tea. Tea is the herbal extracts from the leaves of the tea herbs, tea leaves buds which includes other type of extractions as well from the tea containing plant called ‘Camellia sinensis’ from which the tea from which the high quality tea is manufactured after strong processing and curing measures. It is the second most preferred beverage after water in the world which is aromatic as well.

Tea Plants Top 10 Tea Producing Countries

Following countries listed below produces the top quality tea from Bangladesh ranking at 10th and China ranking at 1st, Top 10 Tea Producing Countries


10). Iran:

Iran produces one of the top quality teas in terms of the flavor, aroma and variety. There are 107 tea manufacturing countries. The latest recoded amount of tea production in 2008 of Bangladesh was 59,000 tons.

09). Argentina:

Tea produced in Argentina happens in the North-Eastern side of the country and it is known for its best quality ‘true tea’. The country exports about 50 million kilograms of tea each year. 76,000 tons of tea was the recorded amount of tea produced in 2008.

08). Japan:

In the past few years, Japanese green tea has attracted many people who are really fond of tea from different countries. The country produced 94,100 tons of tea recorded lastly in 2008.

07). Indonesia:

The tea beverage has been part of the lifestyle culture of the Indonesian people from 200 years and is still the most usual and most preferred type of beverage in Indonesia. This country produced 150,851 tons of tea recorded in 2008 lastly.

06). Vietnam:

This country region produces tea on commercial and industrial scale with a large amount. 174,900 tons was the total tea produced in 2008 by Vietnam.

05. Turkey:

The most important part of the Turkish culture is to offer tea to the guests at home or may be people in offices etc. Offering tea is assumed to be the sign of friendship and hospitality among the Turkish people. The lastly recorded total tea in 2008 by Turkey was 198,046 tons.

04). Sri Lanka:

The highly essential part of the economy of Sri Lanka is the production of tea. The tea produced in this country is done by the professional manufacturers. The latest recorded amount of tea in 2008 in tons was 318,470.

03). Kenya:

The tea is the major foreign exchange earner in Kenya. It is one of the major tea producers. The total recorded amount of tea in 2008 was 345,800 tons in Kenya.

02). India:

Tea is naturally used beverage in India as a part time enjoyment and relaxation. The total amount of tea in India produced in 2008 was 805,180 tons.

01). China:

The production of tea in China is both on the small scale and on the main scale. The amount of production of tea is still increasing day by day in China. The tea produced in China in 2008 was 1,275,384 tons.

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