Maroon 5 is a pop band of California and is one of the oldest bands which started in 1994 and produces awesome and mind blowing rock plus funk rock and pop music. This band started when the lead vocalist and the guitarist of the band named Adam Levine was in High School and all the other mates of the band like Mickey Madden and Ryan Dusick used to rehearse at the garage and then the band was formed. The band has wonderful and the most amazing songs that you’ll surely love including She Will Be Loved, Makes Me Wonder and many more.

maroon 5 10 Best Maroon 5 Songs   Videos
Well in today’s post we have the top 10 best Maroon 5 songs which you’ll love to listen.



10. Sunday Morning


9. Wakeup Call


8. If I Never See Your Face Again


7. Must Get Out


6. Harder To Breathe


5. Makes Me Wonder


4. Wont Go Home Without You


3. This Love


2. Misery


1. She Will Be Loved