Suffice to say, getting hold of a decent and respectable job is a basic agenda of people across the globe. Everyone wants to earn more and more for himself and enjoy a luxurious life-style. For this purpose, people travel around the world in the search of better jobs. We invest a huge amount on our education and professional development and then it is obvious to expect something from the world which is tantamount to our educational qualifications. Although, there are myriad places where one can find very lucrative jobs but at the moment I will be sharing information as regards to the cities of USA. United States of America is the world’s largest economy and holds a wide area to accommodate the professionals from across the world. It is also the world’s largest trading nation in the world and Canada, China and Mexico are its major trading partners. Out of the world’s 500 largest companies, almost 139 are in USA; it is conspicuous of the fact that it is the leading country in terms of economy. Let us get some insight into the cities of this mammoth economy.
Following are the best cities to get the job in US:

Career and Jobs 10 Best Cities To Get A Job In America


Best Cities To Get A Job In America

10.Kansas City

First, I will tell you some of the sectors which are in high demand and then we will move on to some of the statistics as released by the November 2011 Labor Report. The sectors which offer the most job opportunities are; area of creative/marketing, office administration and healthcare support roles. Kansas gained 5,000 non-farm jobs over the month which is 0.4% rise, according to the November 2011 estimates. If we talk of the private sector, these escalated by 11,100 since November 2010.




The hot sectors in Pittsburgh are; transportation, construction, production and installation/repair. As per the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, there was a rise of 1.7% in the total non-farm employment in this city. It is interesting to know that the national employment just rose by 1% as contrast to the 1.7% figure for Pittsburgh. Some sectors, notably the education and health services sector, gained 5300 jobs from March 2010 to March 2011.




The significant private sectors in Orlando are primarily; management, I.T and administrative/support jobs. It will not be wrong to say that the construction and protective-services sectors are also experiencing an upward trend.




In Seattle, there is a high demand for blue-collar or skilled-labor workers in the field of construction, installation/repair and transportation. It is a subject of no discussion that Boeing, a multinational aerospace company, is based in Seattle and is arguably, the largest private sector employer there. Recently, the contract signed between Saudi Arabia and USA of the F-15 jet fighters has given a great thrust to the job opportunities in this area. According to an estimate, the new deal will support around 2000+ jobs opportunities for the local denizens.




As per the data, the healthcare and architecture/engineering fields show a rising trend and the computer and business sectors also exhibit a positive employment opportunities. If we take a glance at the hourly wages in Boston then it is evident that it has an hourly wage of $28.56 in comparison to the nationwide of $21.35, according to a report of U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. Boston had around 87,800 computer and mathematical jobs which is significantly higher as compared to the nationwide statistics.




In Cleveland, the propensity of the people is towards the consumer-driven sectors such as food preparation, personnel care and the industries as that of management and IT. Cleveland Clinic, the area’s largest employer, has a huge workforce of over 37,000. It is ranked among America’s best hospitals, according to a report published in U.S News & World Report. The primary driving force behind the economic growth of Cleveland is its geographic location which is on the Cuyahoga River and Lake Erie. Myriad large companies have their headquarters situated in this city and the names include Eaton, Applied Industrial Technologies, KeyCorp and Forest City Enterprises. This, in turn, implies that Cleveland is home to a diverse category of employers.




When you think of going to Minneapolis, you should think of the healthcare, business and IT sectors as the pertinent area to apply. Healthcare, commerce, rail and trucking services constitute the foundational framework of the economy of this city. It is worth mentioning here that six out of the Fortune 500 corporations have their headquarters in Minneapolis which are; Target, U.S Bancorp, Xcel Energy, Ameriprise Financial,Thrivent Financial for Lutherans and PepsiAmericas. Target is one of the city’s largest employers.




The attractive sectors in this city are legal, management and healthcare sectors. Its central location among the major East Coast cities has made it a valuable place for nascent and growing businesses where people can get better jobs and enjoy opulence. The high-technology areas such as electronics, telecommunication and information technology have also seen remarkable headway, thus creating new job opportunities for the locals.



2.San Francisco

The most active areas of hiring in this city are that of management, IT, business/financial and engineering. Bank of America, which is perceived of as the pioneer in introducing the banking services to the middle-class, was founded in San Francisco in 1960s. Apart from this, interminable multinational banks and financial institutions have their regional headquarters in this city which is tacit approval of the fact that there is a very high scope for better jobs here. It is heartening to know that the city government itself is the largest employer there, hiring almost 6.25% of the city’s population.



1.Washington D.C

In Washington D.C, there is a robust market in the areas of engineering, architecture, construction and installing/repairing. The economy of this city is pretty much diversified with an escalating percentage of professional and business service jobs. If we rank the states of USA in terms of their GDP, the Washington D.C cements 34th place as compared to 50 U.S states. Four out of the largest 500 companies are located in this district, as per statistics compiled in the year 2011. It has the second –lowest unemployment rate in the nation hitting a figure of approximately 6.2%. Georgetown University and Washington Hospital Center are among the top non-government-related employers in the city.