10 Most Famous Poets In The History

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In the history many poets have passed but there are some very notable poets who have left a great impact in the society and culture. With the help of their crafted poetry they have tried to spread different messages of love, friendship, peace and honesty. All these poets used the power of pen and have greatly influenced the culture and traditions of different societies. Although they left this world years ago but still their poetry is considered as the part of the literature and they are still very famous in the whole world. Here I have gathered the information about 10 Mot Famous Poets In The History who were considered as the pinnacle of poetry.

William Shakespeare:

William Shakespeare 10 Most Famous Poets In The History
William Shakespeare was born on 26 April 1564 and is regarded as the greatest poet and playwright of all time. For his achievements he was given the name of “Bard of Avon” and sometimes he was called as the England’s national poet. He has written 38 plays, 154 sonnets, two long narrative poems and many other poems as well. He died on 23rd April 1616 but his plays and poems are still very popular around the world.

Edgar Allan Poe:

edgar allan poe 10 Most Famous Poets In The History
Edgar Allan Poe is another very famous poet of the 18th century. He was born on January 19 1809 and is considered the part of American Romantic movement. He lived a very difficult and a hard life but his poems are considered as the greatest poems in the history and still they are very popular around the world. Poe died on 7th October 1849 but his cause of death is still unknown. Many suggested that he may have died drug addiction while other claims that he was suffering heart disease or brain congestion.

William Wordsworth:

william wordsworth 10 Most Famous Poets In The History
William Wordsworth was a English poet who was known for his romantic poetry and he played a major role to launch the Romantic Age in English Literature in 1798. He was born on 7th April 1770 and in 1798 he published his first poem and became one of the greatest poets in the history. He died by re-aggravating a case of pleurisy on 23rd March 1850.

Robert Frost:

robert frost 10 Most Famous Poets In The History
Robert Frost is considered as one of the most influential poet in the history and he is highly regarded for his depictions of rural life and his command of American colloquial speech. He was honored with several accolades during his life time most notably winning the Pulitzer Prizes of Theory four times. He was born on 26th March 1874 in America and died on 29th January 1963.

Emily Dickenson:

emily dickinson 10 Most Famous Poets In The History
Emily Dickenson is known for her unique style of writing that contains short lines, typical lack titles, slant rhymes and unconventional capitalization and punctuations. She was born in a strong family on 10th December 1830 in America and wrote over eighteen hundred poems during her lifetime. She died on May 15th 1886 after a 2 and half years battle against bright’s disease.

Langston Hughes:

langston hughes 10 Most Famous Poets In The History
Langston Hughes is known for his innovations in the new literary art from jazz poetry. Langston wrote many poems that are still very famous in the whole world and he was honored several times in his life for his achievements. He was born in 1st February 1902 in America and beside poetry he was also a successful novelist, playwright and columnist. He died on May 22 1967 when he suffered complications after abdominal surgery related to prostate cancer.

Walt Whitman:

walt whitman 10 Most Famous Poets In The History
Walt Whitman was one of the most influential poets in America and was often referred as the father of free verse. He wrote many poems and sometimes his poetry was controversial but still he is very famous poet in the history. He was born on May 31 1819 in America and died on March 26 1892 due to several health complications.

E.E. Cummings:

e e cummings 10 Most Famous Poets In The History
Edward Estlin Cummings popularly known as E.E Cummings was one of the greatest American poet in the history and his poetry in considered as highly influential. He wrote over 2900 poems during his lifetime and apart from poetry he also wrote many famous plays and novel. He was born on 14th October 1894 and died on 3rd September 1963 after he suffered a stroke.

William Carlos Williams:

william carlos williams 10 Most Famous Poets In The History
William Carlos Williams was born on 17th September 1883 in America and was known for his modern and imaginary poetry and became on of the greatest poets in the history. He died suffering a heart attack and other heath issues at the age of 79 on 4th March 1963 but his poetry remains as the most popular poetry in the history.

Sylvia Plath:

sylvia plath 10 Most Famous Poets In The History
Sylvia Plath was born on 27th October 1932 in America. She is credited with advancing the genre confessional poetry and her poems are considered as the greatest in history. She wrote many poems during her lifetime and most popular collection is the colossus of other poems and Ariel. She committed suicide on 11th February 1963 because of depression and she posthumously won Pulitzer Prize.

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10 Responses to “10 Most Famous Poets In The History”

  1. Edgar Allan Poe is more famous for his short stories.

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  2. Murat Selim says:

    You should change the name of this article to “10 most famous english poets in the history” because there are lots of other good poets like Pablo Neruda, Pushkin, Nazım Hikmet, Frederico Garcia Lorca…

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  3. Corn dog man XYZ says:

    im the most famous poet ever!!!

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  4. Dave says:

    Why are poets like Homer, Dante, and Vergil not on this list?!?

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    • Bobby says:

      Ovid, Horace, W.B Yeats, T. S. Eliot, Rabindranath Tagore………. why are none of these on the list either?

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  5. Kieran says:

    What happened to Robert Burns, this is supposed to be the most famous, I think that more people would say burns before half of the people on that list. They are still all good choices but I think that Burns would come in fifth or sixth minimum.

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  6. Unwanted says:

    Right man!
    He should change the name to ‘top ten english poets(specially Americans!)’

    where is Baudlaire, Rumi, Blake,,,
    and how dare you to forget the romantic trio: keats, shelley, byron., neither you selected any victorians: tennyson, browming, arnold!
    And my special reference is :
    Jibanananda Das.

    **the topic is actually not appropriate.
    You should have said that : ‘ top ten poems, according to you!’

    its hopeless to mention the toppers from a list, where everyone is the toppest in anyone’s view!

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  7. paramjeet singh rathore says:

    i am greatest poet in the world of all time no.1william shakespeare , no.2 john milton no.3 william wordsworth etc…………

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  8. PoemsAreMyLife says:

    They are good choices but not all but one of my favourites are EE. Cummings because they are really good and i feel the poem but all of them are good too! Like if you agree!

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