The concept of Health insurance was first proposed in 1694 by Hugh the Elder Chamberlen. Their goal was to relieve the people from incurring medical expenses. The reason why this idea was introduced is because the medical expenditure that includes medicine expenses, doctor checkup and treatment was very expensive at that time. After this many countries around the world adapted this concept and allowed their citizens to enjoy these services. United States of America was one of the first countries who adapted insurance policies in early 1850 and then made it public in 1866. They first offered the insurance of catastrophic accidents like railroad or steamboat accidents. Then in the min of 20th century they began to cover the almost all the medical expenses with the exception of health care costs. But soon afterwards they began to cover the costs arising from routine, emergency and health care procedures, prescription drugs, hospital and medical expenses. Now coming back to the point I want to share the information about top 10 best health insurance companies in USA with you guys. So following are the top 10 best health insurance company of USA: