Top 10 Genius Presidents and Monarchy Leaders

Expectations are part of the measurement in gauging the political leader being appointed in any position in the country. Although there are many capacities that would technically define the capability and ability of each ruler, but in most cases, aside from the contribution that they had made, it is their mental alertness that rules out and gives the real identity that they possess. There are great examples and valor of domination, command, and authority that have actually exemplified the virtue of intelligence in the greatest sense of that word. Here are the world’s geniuses found in the presidential and monarchial seats, who have captured the hearts of their subordinates, followers, and great multitude of citizens, who trusted their ingenuity more than anything else trust, did.

10. The 7th President Dr. Ing. Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie

Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie Top 10 Genius Presidents and Monarchy Leaders

Who would have thought that the young man who had been an orphan at an early age of 14 would be the next President of Indonesia? He finished aerospace engineering where he received Germany’s first-degree certificate, which is equaled to a master’s degree in 1960 at RWTH Aachen University where he also earned his doctorate. He was well respected in this labor where he became a noted genius at age 32, when he made a probable solution when he proposed and explicitly detailed the Krack Habibie Progression that gave a distinct solution to avoid and lessen plane crashes. He had been acquainted in scientific studies and received various scholarships. He became the President of Indonesia in 1998 when Suharto stepped down from being President where he was the Vice President that time. Everything ended that same year when his accountability speech was rejected during the MPR General Session in October of 1998.

9. The Outstanding Lawyer, President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos

marcos Top 10 Genius Presidents and Monarchy Leaders

He was born and raised from a family of teachers, in Ilocos Norte, somewhere on the northern regions of Luzon in the Philippines. He was very competitive in all activities whether in sports or in school. He was the first recipient of the Gold Medal Award for General MacArthur for his superior proficiency level and University President Quezon’s Medal for the highest scholastic average recorded in his full years in college. Who would ever forget the highest bar exam result recorded when he took it while he was in jail with an average score of 98.01 and later retook the exam because of suspicions where he got the highest score recorded in bar exam of 100%. He could have been Magna cum Laude in 1939 from U.P. College of Law were it not for the jail history that he had.

8. The 35th President of USA, John F. Kennedy

kennedy Top 10 Genius Presidents and Monarchy Leaders

He is the second youngest President ever elected in the United States. He completed and earned his Magna cum Laude title with his International Affairs degree at Harvard University. He was the author of the bestseller book, which he used as his thesis entitled Why England Slept. According to statistics, he has a 117 IQ score, where he is numbered, and included in the row of geniuses in the world.

7. The First Democrat President, Thomas Jefferson

jefferson Top 10 Genius Presidents and Monarchy Leaders

He was the third president of the United States but the first democrat member who became president of the largest country in the world. He is known for his book “Declaration of Independence”. He just attended local school when he was in his primary years but was able to master French, Greek, and Latin, the most complex of languages, arts, and letters. He loved nature, classics, history, and science. He is well acquainted with books that measured his 138 level of IQ along with other US presidents who held the position.

6. The first spot for George Washington

george washington Top 10 Genius Presidents and Monarchy Leaders

Who would ever forget the name of the first president of the United States of America named President George Washington? He is part of the top five presidents that led one of the most powerful countries in the world. Although he did not receive formal education just like any other American presidents, he was a recipient of the six-star in the General Armies of Congress, which is the highest order that could be received in the military. Nonetheless, he has an estimated intelligence quotient of 140 despite of the difficulties that he underwent when he was a child.

5. Napoleon Bonaparte, an Emperor, and King

Napoleon Bonaparte Top 10 Genius Presidents and Monarchy Leaders

A legendary military officer, who received full scholarship at age 14, did master French and became a distinguished student of math, geography, and history. He became the King of Italy and an emperor of the French colony; despite that, he was born and raised in Ajaccio, Corsica, which later became a part of France. He has an outstanding intelligence quotient of 145 among all other monarch leaders in the world.

4. The Ambitious Abraham Lincoln

Ibraham lincoln Top 10 Genius Presidents and Monarchy Leaders

He was not born with a golden spoon in his mouth but he possessed strong intelligence, passion, and determination to pursue his goal and elevate the life that he had, especially the crisis and difficulties that he underwent together with his family. He was very much acquainted with books. In fact, he only had 18 months of formal education where the rest of it was completed through his extensive passion in reading. He gained knowledge that he did not learn when he studied for a year and a half. Series of loses in the political arena motivated him to study law to become a lawyer. He taught himself by studying different law books until finally he became a full-pledged honorable lawyer that opened a path of opportunities for him in the political arena but in a higher position who earned an outstanding IQ rating of 150.

3. The Controversial Sven Olof Joachim Palme

Olof Joachim Palme Top 10 Genius Presidents and Monarchy Leaders

The two-time prime minister of Sweden was the same sickly kid who had a strong passion to be part of the political world, which was his aspiration because of the travels that he had in third world countries. Nonetheless, despite of the private tutorials that he had due to his health condition, he was able to master two languages aside from his native tongue. He got the highest rating when he entered University of Stockholm when he was 17, also obtained his scholarship at Kenyon College, and finished his BA in less than a year. This 156 IQ holder was controversial because of his liberation movements in representation of third world countries.

2. The Smartest President of U.S.A., John Quincy Adams

John Quincy Adams Top 10 Genius Presidents and Monarchy Leaders

The sixth President of the United States had been an advocate of education where he himself proved it because of his IQ level of 175, the highest level that has ever been recorded in the history of the United States when it comes to the presidential position. His travel with his father exposed him to speak European languages fluently. He graduated with Phi Beta Kappa honors in 1788 at Harvard College then later practiced law professionally.

1.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu Top 10 Genius Presidents and Monarchy Leaders

The Prime Minister of Israel holds the pride and fame of being the top leader in the world who had an IQ level of 180. He spent most of his education in Jerusalem then he later on continued it in the United States when his family has decided to stay in Cheltenham, Pennsylvania. He later went back to the Holy Land where he finally changed his name for pronunciation purposes.

These are the leaders who have proven their worth, with the quality of their lives based on their critical analysis and high level of understanding in their chosen field and course. They are genius and brilliant leaders despite of their weaknesses, just like any other people.