Slang is actually the use of informal words which are not a part of standard language. Young people commonly make the most use of the slang language but it is used by social groups of other ages as well. Taking the advantage of the opportunity, I would like to make my readers of the fact that “slang” and “jargon” are not one and the same thing at all. There is great disparity between these two terms. Jargon is a actually a, you can say, technical vocabulary related to a particular profession and other people, outside the circle of that profession, are mostly unaware of those terminologies. The professionals use this language in order to convey the underlying technical meaning of the subject they are talking about or to exclude others from the conversation if it is something of secrecy. Slang expressions often relate to a certain sub-culture but it can cross the boundaries of the culture and spread into the general society as a whole. That particular which was once used by only a certain group of people, then comes under the influence of and used by many people across the globe. In particular response to this, the original users than start replacing the slang language to make themselves distinct from others. Slang language is also used commonly, when someone is involved in any socially unacceptable activity and he or she wants other not to listen the exact word for that. This is primarily because the humans, no matter what, generally feel embarrassed while doing such social evils. For example, when I was in my high school, my friends and me used to call cigarette a “bubblegum” in front of other classmates because we didn’t feel comfortable saying the other way.
After a brief introduction of the slang term, let us move onto the top ten list of most commonly used slang words in America.


slang 10 Most Popular American Slang



10. Ace

In the American slag, ace means “the best”. This slang derives its meaning from the ace, the highest card in poker and other card games. If we are talking of a very smart and sharp pilot who has shot down numerous enemy planes in a war, then the slang word ace for such a pilot appears to be borrowed from the French “ace” during the World War I. After that, this slang started to be used for anything or anyone who is expert at his or work and performs remarkably.



9. Bad

It is a slang word which is the brainchild of the Black English. This word has been in use for over a century and it means “excellent” or “superb”. It is also used to refer to a female who is looking sexy or very hot.



8. All Wet

This is a slang form which has been in use since the year 1920’s. It actually explains an idea or a statement which is perceived to be invalid or wrong by someone. For example, he is all wet for he always floats ideas which are impracticable. This slang is also used in the sense of disagreement. Let us take an example for this. Is someone says that he is going to defeat you in the football match and you reply to him in disagreement that you are all wet dude. That is never going to happen as far as I am playing in the team.



7. Cheesy

It is an interesting slang word as its origin also lies in Urdu. It means “cheap or inferior to someone” and evolved from the Urdu word “chiz” in 1896. This word was picked up by the British in India in 1818. They used this word in the meaning of “a big thing” but by the year 1858, the word cheesy had evolved into a different meaning of “showy”. For example, this is really a cheesy outfit.



6. Cushy

The origin of this slang is somewhat confusing. This word sounds American so this makes it hard to believe that this word is actually an import from some other language. This word is a slightly altered version of the Urdu word “Khushi”. The first use of this word was recorded during the World War I. There are two other possibilities as regards to the origin of this word. One is that it may be a shortening of the word cushion and adding –y as a suffix to it. The other is that it is extracted from a French word couchee, which means “lying down”.



5. Dead Presidents

This is one of the interesting slang term. It is also used in the rap songs. It is kind of a street language to say “money”. The connection is simple as the American paper currency have deceased American Presidents on the front of it. This term is mainly used by the African Americans doing “street business”. For example, this thing is worth ten dead presidents. It sounds interesting to say like this. WARNING : Don’t use this in your exams or else your teacher is going to make you a dead man, not a president though.



4. Deep Pocket

It is an American slang term and refers to extensive wealth or a very rich state of somebody or something. It is primarily used to refer to filthy rich organizations but can also be used to refer to individuals, for example Bill Gates. Although there are indications that the use of this slang started in the 1940’s but it became popular in the 1970’s.



3. Cut Out

It is a slang term which has myriad meanings attached to it and I would try to tell you as many of them as possible. It means that forming or creating a shape by cutting or carving something. For example, he cuts out important headlines from the newspaper. Two, it also means to leave in a hurry. For example, it is very late at night, I must cut out right now. Three, it also means to deprive someone of something. For example, the elder brother cut him out of the will of their parents.



2. Goof

It means a silly or a foolish person. The origin of this word is not yet agreed upon by the majority but it is believed that there may be several origins. Some believe that this word has its origin from the identically pronounce d Hebrew word which means “body”. A few also believe that this word has been taken from the name of a Disney cartoon character “Goofy”, but it is more likely that the name of the cartoon character have been taken from this slang word. As those of you who have seen this character will be well aware of that fact that he is as made as a badger and is always involving in some stupid acts which make the viewers laugh.



1. Grub

This slang word means food. Its use as a food was first recorded in 1650’s and it is largely believed that it originated from the birds eating grub. It also sometimes linked with the word bub which means “drink”.