There are these moments wherein it is very hard to fathom women. They just have these common habits that make you wonder why almost all women do these things or why they have such weird ways. You may have wished that your girlfriend doesn’t have the same routines with your sisters or your mom. Well, the world does not take sides, but there are just these interesting habits that may annoy you or make you laugh at times, basically it is your choice. Here are top ten of the most fascinating habits women have.





Habit # 10: Taking a bath with a whole bunch of friends together

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Men just do not understand why women or teenagers take a bath at the same time, at the same comfort room. Most teenagers, especially when they have their girlfriends and girl groups have experienced this. This is just one of the many women’s activities that men do not understand. For men, these girls may all be best friends but can’t they just put having fun aside first and do some private activities, alone?



Habit # 9: Crying over little things

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Yes, men do cry and it is not true that they don’t, but definitely not over little things. Women cry over little things like a pet dying or her shoes getting broken, their tears are just too shallow to endure extreme emotions. It is like these things are impossible to happen and that they are really affected. Well, women’s tears are like water from faucets waiting to be turned on.



Habit # 8: Talking about someone else’s life

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Women love talking. It is one activity which does not require money or an expensive ambiance. Women find talking fun and it is just like men playing their favourite golf or watching a basketball game. So women just end up talking about anything under the sun, well, especially those people who they think haveinteresting lives and are “not worth their time”.



Habit # 7: Sometimes they do not want to hear honest answers

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Women love asking their husbands and boyfriends of how they look or how their performance were, or if the food they cook are delicious, etc. They ask men to say the truth and be honest, but mind you, women prefer hearing the positive side or the answer they long for and expect. They love it when they are being complimented, sometimes in a sincere or insincere way.



Habit # 6: Nagging

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Generally, men try not to make mistakes or they try not to get caught doing their mistakes, not because they are afraid of their wives or girlfriends but because they find nagging a bit annoying. Nagging is just one of the many interesting habits women have that men need to endure. Not just for the relationship to stay long but because almost all women have this habit and you have no choice but to accept it and learn how to turn of the volume of your hearing sense.



Habit # 5: Waiting and expecting to be complimented

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As they wear their best outfits for dates, women just expect compliments from their partners. They may not show that they do, but THEY REALLY DO. Why would they even exert effort and putting those make up or fancy jewellery or wearing something sexy. If the men forget to praise their partners’ beauty and EFFORT, then men should expect a mood swing by the end of the day.



Habit # 4: Saying they do not have anything to wear for a date or a night out when they have a closet full of clothes

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Typical women love clothes and dressing up. Dates and night outs are just the moments to stand out and show what they have. But if their favourite clothes are not present in their closets, those other clothes just vanish in thin air.



Habit # 3: Telling her boyfriend that “it’s ok” when it is really not

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Not any man can say that their partners do not have this habit. When things go wrong, women do not say directly what she thinks is wrong. However, her mood will change and it is like the mute button was pressed. When the boyfriends or husbands ask, they always say everything is okay even if they’re not, until the men get annoyed. When the men get annoyed and stars to act pissed off, the women then pour out all the issues like an instant hurricane.



Habit # 2: Refusing to offer an opinion when asked for one

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This is definitely a top two habit of women. This happens mostly when boyfriends and husbands make decisions without their knowledge and tells them over dinner. So women get disappointed and act habit number three. The men then ask their opinions as if it will change their minds, and the women zip their mouth.



Habit # 1: Using the comfort room too long

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This habit does not choose any kind of woman. It is unquestionable that this habit should be and always will be on the number one spot. We all know that women just-use-the-comfort room- TOO LONG. Whether these women are going to take a bath or just simply there to comb their hair, there’s just this huge magnet that only women are attracted to.