1. Prince of Persia

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Even though the newest games have been appearing in better graphics, with stunning audio, and dynamic gameplay, the plot is pretty much the same with players still using the same prince that is adept in acrobatics, and having the setting still in the City of Persia. Funny is it that some of the game’s locations remind people of how the old 2D game back in 1989 looked like. Those were the good old days of sheer fun.



2. Sonic the Hedgehog

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Jumping over the PS3 console did not lose the one element that made Sonic the Hedgehog games one of a kind. It has speed, and it has everything in it. Whether it may have a plot on having a romance with a human princess, the main theme of the series is still completing levels at top speeds while retaining those rings at the most numbers possible, as a level is completed at the fastest time possible.



3. Ninja Gaiden Sigma

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With realistic 3D environments providing a better feel of what the surroundings look like, the Ninja Gaiden Sigma has been successful for a sequel of what has ended in the Famicom series. Yes, it is still the same purple, to almost black ninja, which carries a sword and can jump high tumbling on air. Things are now a bit different as he now uses his sword more often, swinging it in more than just the same direction, and has lessened his reliance on using Jitsu ammunitions to defeat enemies.



4. Duke Nukem Forever

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Who could ever imagine that something began from basic MS-DOS would end up being in the PS3 console? Have you ever imagined in your mind that over the years, Duke Nukem becomes better each time, with pixilation in the game getting smaller as the game releases go by. It still has the same elements from the oldest models. There are still beasts to beat, bosses to get by, and even some great looking ladies on the bar.



5. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

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Over the years, slinging that whip to destroy enemies has never been done away, although there have been some titles that have utilized other characters and equipped various weapons. However, as they say, “the first will always be the best,” and it is true on this claim since there is no better way to whack a zombie or a great minion than using that whip, have it powered up with moves and items, where you end up having yourself a weapon that can beat any monster, even those giant ones.



6. Batman: Arkham Asylum

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The dark background and the evening ambience of the game will always remind its players of how things have been like when the game was played way back in the Nintendo Entertainment System. Batman may not have looked so detailed back then, however even in the old days, he has carried so many items, which makes beating the video game easier. Now that everything is 3D, the complexity of jumping step by step in complex structures is greatly lessened.



7. Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3

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Tanks, soldiers, mechanics, and even atomic bombs, and bioweapons. As the level and caliber of war is increasingly developed with the years gone by, even those basic war weapons, such as upgrades on tanks and even on fighter planes. Who could ever forget of the silly voices from actors that stress their roles, such as being a mechanic, or a medic? Even more fun, is how enemies react when being shocked by a Tesla coil for kicks. With poor acting being removed, and the surroundings are now 3D, with gameplay even more realistic than it was ever before, players on the new console will appreciate what it is like to handle your very own army, with all the bases, the facilities, and the features.



8. Final Fantasy XIII

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When the 1st 3D series of the game appeared in PS One as Final Fantasy VII, players can no longer stop the thrill of being surrounded with beautiful gameplay, gaming features with items, material, weapons, and other mysteries. Now that Final Fantasy XIII has been in the scene on the PS3, some objects, scenes, and even characters on the current FF franchise may actually be a reminder of what FF VII has been in the past, and how it may look like, in case the old title may be released on the PS3



9. Mortal Kombat

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Mortal Kombat has only two major elements that had been in the minds of the game enthusiasts over the years. Even during those times when the game has been released on arcade and Sega Genesis, its arcade prowess cannot be taken away, which has gathered over thousands of fans out there, because of blood and some nice graphics to top things up. Have you ever been victimized by Scorpion’s “get over here” and suffer until the moment to fatality comes?



10. Street Fighter IV

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Known to be as one of the games that had created an original concept for the world to watch over, Street Fighter has always been a good reminder of what old school gaming is, and how it can be improved to better support and utilize the offering of the hardware and software. The concept has never changed since then, where beating the competition with moves and combos have been the goal.


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