Bikes, who wants to have them. Well, practically anyone who wants to get the best tools that will give them the distance and the mileage they need. Simply said, the best bikes are those that are durable and will ensure longevity of use. Touring bikes are made to associate heavy loads to be attached to them, and with the lengthened geometric design of the bikes, it only proves to be the best. In addition, the fact remains that touring bikes are meant for extended trips on the harsh and rough terrains, and it must be one that will support this trip. For 2011, those bikes making big names in the market are the following.





10. Bilenky Eco-Travel Midlands

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Designed with the traditional features of a bike that comes with the low bottom bracket, this is a favorite for those that want to have style in their long travels. Included as part of the trip package deals are the S and S torque coupler and the hard-shell backpack case, making that packed travel as easy and as comfortable as possible. Priced at $2720, this is considered as a great deal for a bicycle on that long arduous trip.



9. Rivendell Atlantis

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Over $3000 seems to be the value of this bike, and while it belongs to the top ten lists, it is considered by many as a vanity back because of the styles and the functions that make this the best in the market. Thinking about it, guess that the price is just worth its real value. Physically, it is seen as a more of a country bike that is perfect for that country stroll along the neighborhood. Versatility seems to be another factor that is associated with the bike, and it offers you the mature design that is ideal for the long trips.



8. Koga Miyata World Traveler

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Built with the design and image of the Super Smooth TIG 26 inches frame, it offers you the durable framework that is meant to last for a long time. In addition, it comes with the integrated headset, the attachment point for the accessories, and the kickstand, making you all set with that short or long distance travel.



7.  Waterford Adventure Cycles

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Using geometry to power of the long distance tours, it will be the ideal type of bike of comfort for the long trips. The wheelbase of the Adventure Cycle ensures you of plenty of clearance to the sides and it can handle the big loads. Stability is another factor that drives the car to be perfect for use, and it will be infused with excellent brakes for the perfect trip.



6. Marinoni Turismo/Turismo Extreme

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World class is the term that is most used for the Turismo bikes by Marinoni. With the robust frames and the steel works that are durable, it will be able to help withstand the heavy loads and the maximum amount of force that will give the energy pulse for every stroke of the pedal. Downhill speeds are likewise managed and it prevents overheating that leads to flat tires.



5. Fuji Touring

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Speed and velocity are two issues answered by the Touring Bike of Fuji, and this bike comes with the Fuji Alloy for the pedals, which assures you of the strong pushes for the long trips, without pressing so much effort just like pushing a mountain with your bare hands. Tires are also considered as the WTB Freedom Ryder Sport that is durable and strong. Priced at $1049, this is quite similar to the lugged fork that will give you the stronger frameworks.



4. Gunnar Grand Tour

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A bike is one vehicle that can give you the pleasure of exercise and some fun, while sweating out and enjoying the cold breeze of summer. For those long distance travels and a good sense of comfort, then the Gunnar Grand Tour will be your choice. Heavy loads are considered to be the top of the market for the Grand Tour, and you can easily ride on these as it gives you the grander clearance for the wheelbar. Made of stainless steel, with rear eyelets, and rack mounts, this is one bike that will give you a ride for a long time.



3. Dawes Horizon Tour

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Reliable, strong, and resilient are words that would best describe the way the Horizon Bike works. The Chromoly frame and forks are considered to work against the strong forces of nature, and it will come with the 24 speed Shimano Alivio gears, Shimano hubs, and the WTB dual Duty alloy rims.



2. Rocky Mountain Sherpa 30

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Valued at $1300, this is considered cheaper than the first versions released in the other years. However, regardless of its cheap price, it is one of the distinctive bikes in the market that will overtake all the others in the list. Fused with the Reynolds 725 steel materials, you won’t have to worry about the device falling apart during the travels.



1. Surly Long Haul Trucker

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Market value of the bike runs at $1099, and with the prices at such, one might wonder whether it will be the substandard quality. Apparently, the Surly Trucker is one that can be trusted to work for the long haul. Moreover, it comes with the great assortments of gears for the long trips.