Who dreams of being a millionaire? Well, almost everyone will want to be the largest winner of the biggest lottery jackpot in the world, of course. It goes to say that just about everyone who wants to have a great game will win the lottery. Many people have tried their luck with the games and these will be those sets of people that have worked with the statistics, analysis, and review of each winning game number for the past few weeks. Most will fail, but, certainly, there will be that just one lucky person who is considered to have the magic to winning some of the biggest jackpot prizes in the world. Here are the top 10 biggest lotteries ever.


money Top 10 Biggest Lotteries Ever




10.  Super Enalotto of €177.7 Million

1030 Top 10 Biggest Lotteries Ever

Among the most popular lotteries in Europe is the Super Enalotto of Italy, and while the previous year the €147.7 million was considered as the highest the lottery ever reached in its history, it was beaten by the €177.77 jackpot in 2010, which was won on October. While the awards ware certainly shared by 70 players, it was still the biggest jackpot to have ever won.



9.  EuroMillions in 2006

0929 Top 10 Biggest Lotteries Ever

This is the jackpot that is considered the largest in the entire history of European lottery. Spread over to three tickets, with two coming from Spain and one from Italy, this jackpot prize was won back in February of 2006 with a jackpot prize of €183.5 million.

8.  EuroMillions 2011



0830 Top 10 Biggest Lotteries Ever

While the winning ticket was shared in the 2006 jackpot for the EuroMillions, it was on July of 2011 where the €161 million was one by a single ticket, and the winner was from Scotland. This is certainly a bit lower for the €183.5 million, but, for a single winner in the history of the lottery, this is certainly the largest to have ever been recorded in the market.



7.  Andrew Whittaker Winner

0730 Top 10 Biggest Lotteries Ever

In the United States, there are several lottery games played in various counties and the states, and the most popular is the Powerball Lotto, which game Andrew Whittaker in 2002 the second single winner of the largest prize in the US history. He opted to get the lump sum balance of the game, and ended up with $170 million from the $314.9 million jackpot.



6.  $315 Million Mega Million 2005

0630 Top 10 Biggest Lotteries Ever

In the history of the Mega Million Lottery, this win is considered as the largest single ticket winner to have ever been recorded by the lottery. While the winners were composed of a group of seven people, and divided equally to this bunch of people, the ticket was a single winning ticket, and it has made history as the single winning for the lottery game.



5.  Largest Winnings Ever In New York State

0531 Top 10 Biggest Lotteries Ever

There are 51 states in the US, and on 2011 March, a group of IT employees won the largest the state of New York has ever won. Amounting to total prize money of $319 on the Mega Millions lottery, the employees ended with $19 million dollars each after tax and equal divisions of the prizes.



4.  The Largest Single Ticket Winner in US

0430 Top 10 Biggest Lotteries Ever

Amounting to $340 million dollars, the jackpot for the Powerball lottery was won by the Chaney and West families on a single ticket in Oregon. While some may state the lump sum claimed was lower than the second largest in US history because of adjustments in annuity, the fact remains that it is the largest jackpot recorded to have been won by a single person.



3.  Mega Millions Previously Known As the Big Game

0330 Top 10 Biggest Lotteries Ever

The Mega Millions was once called the Big Game, before changing its name to such, it gave away a jackpot prize of $363 million dollars in May of 2000, and there were two winning tickets recorded.



2.  Mega Millions $380 Million

0230 Top 10 Biggest Lotteries Ever

January 2011 was a month and year that will be unforgettable for the McCullars of Washington and Holly Lahti of Idaho. After tax, winnings of this large jackpot prize game equal shares of the prize at $190 million apiece.



1.  Mega Millions Annuity Prize

0130 Top 10 Biggest Lotteries Ever

One of the largest prizes to have ever been won is the $390 million Mega Million in March of 2007, and this was won by two tickets from New Jersey and Georgia. In fact, this is considered as the largest annualized lottery jackpot prize in the world. It has went up to $370 million, even only the beginning of March at that time.