September 11 is about to come and aside from the tribute to those people who have been killed  in the 9/11 terrorist attack, there are other important events that we can look forward to, not just the demise of others but also other people who are close to our hearts and to our parents’ life. Aside from mother’s day and father’s day or even parent’s day, grandparents’ day is also being hailed and celebrated by people across the globe in various ways. If you are among those individuals who are still thinking of the best things that could be handed to your grandmas and grandpas, then check these top 10 best gifts that they want to receive from you.



grandparents day 10 Best Grandparents Day Gifts in 2011




10. A Movie to Remember

10. A Movie to Remember e1314704213806 10 Best Grandparents Day Gifts in 2011

They say that as a married couple grows older, they grow tired of doing the same activities. However, letting them remember what they have done when they were a bit younger to reminisce the past and to freshen such memories with them, can make them bring back the old days. Make sure it’s life events that are positive, encouraging, and enlivening. They will surely appreciate it.



9. Personalized eCard

9. Personalized eCard e1314704246713 10 Best Grandparents Day Gifts in 2011

To those who are far from their grandparents’ presence and has no way to express their thoughts and messages in a more personal manner, a virtual and instant way has been made to get to their hearts through eCards where you could personally choose designs that would best represent what you feel for them. Just make sure that they still know how to access their emails.



8. One Full Basket

8. One Full Basket e1314704282394 10 Best Grandparents Day Gifts in 2011

There is no need for you to wait for the special season just to give gifts. You could think of different stuff from candies to special things that your grandparents really adore and fascinate about. Put them all in one basket and make special gift covers to make it unique.



7. Homemade Crafts

7. Homemade Crafts e1314704346648 10 Best Grandparents Day Gifts in 2011

You could share this activity with them, which is far more interesting while building special moments while making items out of your best efforts.



6. Flowers

6. Flowers e1314704385656 10 Best Grandparents Day Gifts in 2011

They are not just for lovers and for those who would want to express their love and affection. It is best way to express sincerity and appreciation.



5. The Undisputed Mug

5. The Undisputed Mug e1314704423221 10 Best Grandparents Day Gifts in 2011

You could print your grandparents’ name, nickname, and their years of togetherness or even their picture when they were still young. It’s cheap but priceless.



4. Exclusive T-Shirt

4. Exclusive T Shirt e1314704454597 10 Best Grandparents Day Gifts in 2011

With the availability and accessibility of picture prints through cards, mugs, pens, and especially t-shirts, you could hand them a personalized set of shirts that they could wear on, particularly in September 11, 2011.



3. Photo Puzzle

3. Photo Puzzle e1314704492710 10 Best Grandparents Day Gifts in 2011

This is an exciting way of sharing this activity with them while figuring the whole picture of them by their hands and by themselves. Try to experience the fun.



2. Inexpensive Picture Frame

2. Inexpensive Picture Frame e1314704524410 10 Best Grandparents Day Gifts in 2011

People might find this idea typical but it could be unique if you contact stores or individuals who could produce custom-made picture frames of your grandparents. In fact, you could even put on important message and other personal touches to make it really personalized and something that has been thought of and not just done for the sake of the event.



1. Commemorative Medal

1. Commemorative Medal e1314704570438 10 Best Grandparents Day Gifts in 2011

This is the best way to celebrate both the 9/11 bombing and grandparents day by recognizing their efforts for the past few decades that they have reared your parents and you too. You could actually purchase one online or you could have your own designs and specific color of ribbons to add some personal touch. This is also best to those kids and parents who are also remembering the death of their grandparents due to 9/11 bombing. This is how we could express our respect and acknowledgement to all their sacrifices and the love that they have given, especially to those who have reached this state and era.