Aside from water that quenches our thirst, there are other liquid drinks or beverages that would stop our thirst and even fill our stomach. Sodas or better known as soft drinks, is an all-time favorite that would always be part of our regular meals whether it is lunchtime, snack time, and even dinnertime. It does not matter if you are in staying in America, Asia, and other parts of the world. This is a non-alcoholic drink that has water, flavoring agent, and sweetener, which could be sugar itself, and fructose corn syrup. Let us start the countdown of the most popular and favorite drinks in the world.


soft drinks Top 10 Most Popular Soft Drinks



10. 7–up

10. 7–up e1315566414323 Top 10 Most Popular Soft Drinks

This is launched and created at St. Louis Company by Charles Leiper Grigg in 1929. This is a lemon lime flavored soda, which is being manufactured now by Dr Pepper Snapple Group, and Pepsi Co., which is popular in any part of the globe. Early on, it is named as Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda but because of merging of the business, it has been reformulated too, the same manner that it’s name was changed to 7-up.



9. Squirt

9. Squirt e1315566456875 Top 10 Most Popular Soft Drinks

It contains carbonated water, concentrated grapefruit juices, brominated vegetable oils, citric acid, natural flavors, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, and glycerol ester of wood rosin. This was introduced in the market in 1938 by Herb Bishop who formulated and created this soda. He started by doing some experiments in some citrus drink. Later on, just like other soft drinks, it underwent reformulation until at its current ingredients.



8. A&W Root Beer

8. AW Root Beer e1315566493444 Top 10 Most Popular Soft Drinks

Have you ever thought the meaning of A&W? This is actually the combined partnership of Roy Allen and Frank Wright, which we could see that their last names represent the acronym A&W. Nonetheless, it was originally created by Mr. Allen himself in 1919 before their merging in 1920, which represents their initials. This is available in and outside Canada.



7. Sunkist

7. Sunkist e1315566521221 Top 10 Most Popular Soft Drinks

Before the 1980’s came in, it had its product launched in 1979, which is a combination of lemon and orange-flavored soft drink. This is the brightest idea of Mark Stevens, which has been the third largest best selling soft drinks in history, aside from the fact that it is associated with the Coca-Cola Company.



6. Sprite

6. Sprite e1315566583990 Top 10 Most Popular Soft Drinks

It is colorless like water but it is made lemon and lime, which is a caffeine free soft drink being produced by the Coca-Cola Company. It was originally introduced in the United States in 1961 before it reached to other nations across the globe. While 7-up is at its peak during that time, it became the great contender for translucent soda, which is still at its competition these days.



5. IBC Root Beer

5. IBC Root Beer e1315566645729 Top 10 Most Popular Soft Drinks

It is known as Independent Breweries Company, which was found and started in operation in 1919. Hence, because of high overhead and expenses due to the number of executives and high ranking officials in the company, it collapsed and went to bankruptcy until it was sold to different companies until it was finally bought by Dr. Pepper Snapple Group by 2008.



4. Barq’s Famous Old Tyme Root Beer

4. Barq’s Famous Old Tyme Root Beer e1315566689604 Top 10 Most Popular Soft Drinks

This is one of the oldest and primmest soft drinks in history, which is known as American Soda, also part of the Coca Cola Product’s beverages. It has French vanilla and red cream soda flavor. This was a great contender of A&W due to its distinct taste and nice bubbly smell.



3. Canada Dry Ginger Ale

3. Canada Dry Ginger Ale e1315566727555 Top 10 Most Popular Soft Drinks

This is also part of the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, which was introduced in 2008. This is based in Texas but serving various markets in Canada, Japan, Middle East, and the United States. This is owned by Canada Dry Ginger and John J. McLaughlin family. It is dry since it has a not too sweet taste of wine, something being looked forward to, by people who want to experience something different.



2. Dr. Pepper

2. Dr. Pepper e1315566776914 Top 10 Most Popular Soft Drinks

This was first introduced in the market carrying a unique and distinct flavor among all other sodas that can be found in the market. It started in 1885 and it was created by Charles Aldenton, from Waco, Texas. It was later on, sold in the United States by 1904. It is now imported in South America, Asia, Australia, and Europe.



1. Coca Cola

1. Coca Cola e1315566843669 Top 10 Most Popular Soft Drinks

It has been in the business since 1886 but has still managed to be at its top, despite of the newest and cheapest sodas, which are now populating in the market. Its biggest contender Pepsi in 1980’s has grabbed the 11th spot for the most popular soft drinks poll. They are now serving 200 countries globally, which is an evident mark that it truly holds the number one spot among all other sodas available in the market. They have nine flavors from the basic Cola down to Cola Raspberry. The original design of the first soda concept is an inspired creation of Earl R. Dean in 1915, and later on was redesigned, and has been added of some twists due to the level of competition in the market.