It’s time to say goodbye to classmates, teachers, school friends, and to the dear school. Although graduation day may seem to be a very tear-jerking day, there are some students to add a little something with the ceremony, such as practical jokes that would make everyone laugh, including the parents. This will mark a very vivid memory of your graduation, as you will remember it, together with your friends and family even, with a laugh. Check out the top 10 things that you can pull up during or after graduation.



caps 10 Things To Do On a Graduation Day




10. Self Trip

10. Self Trip e1315607140910 10 Things To Do On a Graduation Day

If you are looking for a way to remember your graduation with you being the star on the stage, you can try this one for size. However, try to make it as safe as possible because it might hurt you a bit. Who cares right? After all, making them laugh at you can make them remember you on their graduation, for the rest of their lives. Anyway, here is what you need to do. Climb the steps and then have yourself tripped on the last step, landing your face on the floor.



9. The Wave

9. The Wave e1315607213400 10 Things To Do On a Graduation Day

This is best done at the time the Principal announces that the diplomas will be given. It will be some sort of a very enthusiastic acknowledgement of the students receiving the diplomas for graduation. If you like extra fun, you can do the wave after calling every 3-5 names before doing the next wave. Do this all over graduation exercise, and the Principal will surely grab that mic in between and scold everyone.



8. The Buzzer

8. The Buzzer e1315607247477 10 Things To Do On a Graduation Day

Shaking hands in a graduation is a very commonplace scenario as a way of congratulating you for a job well done. Lots of people, including friends, classmates, and teachers will grab your hand and commend you. While it can be tiring to grab so many hands one at a time, and suffer having your head shaken, why not wake them up a bit and return the favor? Grab the hands of people you want to victimize with that buzzer in place. That zap will wake them up like crazy.



7. The Cold Attack

7. The Cold Attack e1315607276454 10 Things To Do On a Graduation Day

Before you get your diploma, make sure that you sniff the pepper about 10 to 5 names before you are called, to make sure that you look sickly with runny nose and teary eyes. Once it is set, don’t bring your hanky with you when you climb the stage. Sneeze uncontrollably, and go to the Principal. Sneeze again before taking that diploma and see the Principal’s face as he or she grosses out while handing the paper to you. Even worse, they may even pass shaking your hand, causing some scene with the crowd.



6. The Grammy Awards

6. The Grammy Awards e1315607308246 10 Things To Do On a Graduation Day

Receiving that diploma can be very fulfilling just like winning a very important award for performing your best while studying. As a way of overreacting in the situation, you can walk gracefully from the seat, going up the stage. And then when you receive that diploma from the Principal, walk towards the person with the mic, show your diploma, wave your hand like a Miss Universe Contestant and then thank you parents, your classmates, and teachers, for your award. Oh, and don’t forget to mention your director and some other celebrities.



5. Superhero!

5. Superhero e1315607343909 10 Things To Do On a Graduation Day

As you wear your graduation gown, wear something nice and tight, such as a superhero costume with a cape, if possible. As you walk up stage, do not make anything obvious, other than that weird smile on your face. When you are about to receive the diploma, remove the robe, grab the diploma and run around in circles on the stage!



4. Mini Me

4. Mini Me e1315607379904 10 Things To Do On a Graduation Day

Have your younger brother stay under your gown and let him stay there until you are about to get the diploma. Once you stay still, the little one goes out of the gown and bags the paper away.



3. Spot the Right Hat

3. Spot the Right Hat e1315607411860 10 Things To Do On a Graduation Day

You can confuse some things a bit by keeping about 5 to 10 cowboy hats with you, under the robe. Once the ceremony is over, throw your mortarboard and the cowboy hats together. You will be surprised with the faces the graduates and everyone else makes.



2. Catch the Water Balloon

2. Catch the Water Balloon e1315607447161 10 Things To Do On a Graduation Day

Throwing those mortarboards after the closing part of the ceremony is a culture that cannot be broken. You can make it a little fun by having a bag of water balloons with you, about 20 or 30, and then throw the water balloons up at random, and see how graduates run for their lives!



1. Sticky Butts

1. Sticky Butts e1315607486239 10 Things To Do On a Graduation Day

Before everyone leaves the graduation, make sure that every spectator will have a fun time sitting and not leaving their seats, even when they stand. Go to the venue as early as possible and then have a bag of clear rubber cement rubbed on every spectator seat. You cannot involve the graduates since the prank will be too obvious. Once the ceremony is over, watch everyone as they stand and have those seats stuck on their butts.