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Top 10 Guinness World Records In 2011 – 2012

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There have been various lists mentioned and made in many forms. It could be identified and classified in numerous ways. Hence, there is always the most thrilling and worth waiting list where you could find the best, the longest, the craziest, and the toughest among all the top spots where different people from many nations have been competing. Their records are set in a very distinct way, which are unique and not familiar from other people. Hence, yearly, there are contenders who are trying to make a name of their own choosing, which either has been recorded or has not been achieved yet. It could be a kid, an animal, a group, a family, and even associations. The goal is to set straight as to how they would be known and be popular, which can be read in the Guinness Book of World Records and not just in their own locality or nation. Here are the top 10 world records that you have been awaiting for. See if your bet is in or not.

Top 10 iPhone apps for Facebook

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If today I ask someone what is Facebook? that person would surely label me as crazy.   This list brings you 10  fantastic apps that allow you to connect with Facebook from your iPhone to do things like share information, sync data, challenge friends to games, and access media. This is hardly an exhaustive list of all the iPhone applications taking advantage of Facebook Connect, so please share your favorites in the comments.

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Australia

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Most people from places afar commonly settle to visit the king of all nations, which is none other than the United States. They also visit other rich countries, which are included in the top 10 list of the wealthiest nations in the world. Hence, there are incredibly various reasons why you would want to stay and explore these places in Australia even more, especially when you see, the top 10 locations that will make you say that you are already in paradise. It is not as big as other continents out there, but they have eight major states and territories, which are rich in splendid destinations while experiencing the friendly invitation from their citizens. The natural and hidden wonders of the world are coupled with their unique animals and great beaches that are perfect for spending time with families and friends.

Top 10 Best Halloween Parties in New York City – 2011

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Partying is one event in Halloween that is anticipated by people of all ages, especially in the US. Kids are limited to dance socials and some trick-or-treating. Nevertheless, with adults, they can enjoy the most of the night in ways that are beyond the usual. Check the party venues listed below, and think if you have what it takes to join these kinds of spooky parties.





10. Fright Night at Electric Beach

10. Fright Night at Electric Beach Top 10 Best Halloween Parties in New York City   2011

Top 10 Best American TV Series in 2011 – [Serials]

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TV fans from different nations coming from all walks of life are anticipating of the best TV series available in the US. Whether it may be drama, action, suspense, cartoons, mystery, crime, or even slice of life, there is a show that is fit for anyone to see. When it becomes a hit in the US, it also becomes hot in other countries too. Check these top 10 TV Series for 2011, and see what the Americans are going gaga about.





10. Grimm

10. Grimm Top 10 Best American TV Series in 2011   [Serials]

10 Best Halloween Pranks For 2011

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Check the pranks that would be great for this year’s Halloween. Choose one, and enjoy the funny night.





10. Pumpkin Move

10. Pumpkin Move 10 Best Halloween Pranks For 2011

Sneak out and line up all the pumpkins on the street.



9. Giving Out Tasty and Clinking Nuts

9. Giving Out Tasty and Clinking Nuts 10 Best Halloween Pranks For 2011

When you are being asked for candy, get your bag of “goodies” and go back to the front door. Unknown to them, you loaded your bag with bolts, nuts, nails, screws, hooks, and other things metallic. As you are facing the trick-or-treat kiddies, shake your goody bag until they have a clue of what is inside. If still unaware, take some handful and show it to them before putting it in their bags.

Top 10 Richest People in Australia

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Australia got the 15th spot among the richest countries in the world. Hence, there are people who have contributed to the riches and popularity of the country. Forbes has already released the top 10 richest people residing in Australia. They are considered the most influential people that have driven economic policies and other financial boosters that aided the progress of the country. There are economic programs that have been implemented. Hence, let us have a closer look at these people who have brought so much pride and dignity not just for their country, but also across the globe, which marks ingenuity and industry.

Top 10 Canada Halloween Party Destinations

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In any part of the world, there are various ways that people commemorate and celebrate the Halloween season through parties where Halloween is known. In Canada, October 31st marks the day when a long weeknight has come not just for children where trick-or-treating can fill the days while preparing the best dresses that run around on the street. For this year, Monday is the date when it will be celebrated. Aside from children activities, adults have house parties, spooky events, pumpkin carving, graveyard walks, and haunted houses. Let us see the best places where you can hold your Halloween parties especially if you are just new in Canada.