Aside from wedding anniversaries and other important occasions that you could find in your calendar, Christmas season is one of the significant holidays where wives and husbands can reciprocate their love for each other through gifts. For all loving wives who have not yet planned and thought of the best gift that they can give on Christmas Day, You could browse some of the exceptional ideas that you can read on this list and make your exchange gifts with your husband exciting and fun. Here are some of the ideas that you can use and have been effective to some.

gifts for husbands Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Husbands

10. Expensive Pen

10. Expensive Pen e1321028636534 Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Husbands

Although majority of men are lazy when it comes to taking notes, writing important details and even when composing simple letters or research, pen is still a must for them. It does not only serve as a companion in all working related activities, but it also gives positive impression in the overall personality of your husband. It carries more effectiveness in their fashion styles and sense, especially if the pen is placed inside their pocket.



9. Wallet

9. Wallet e1321028696955 Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Husbands

Despite of the impression that men is not organized when keeping important items, not just money but even documents such as drivers’ license, keys, and other small notes. You could check on wallets where you could also place your picture together where it could be a wedding or a latest photo that you have.



8. Cologne

8. Cologne e1321028734938 Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Husbands

Although this is one of the most common gifts that typically women and even wives pick when they think they cannot think of anything else, colognes are always a classic. Hence, make sure that the scent is the one that suits your husband’s taste, especially if you are just a newlywed couple. In fact, this is a good gift if it is your first Christmas day together as husband and wife.



7. Clothing

7. Clothing e1321028780672 Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Husbands

List down the types of clothes that your husband normally picks and wears ever so often. Particularly, have an eye on the colors that he wants whenever you are outside, especially if you are in the mall shopping around. Get to know the brand and observe his expression if he gets impressed on the latest shirts, polo, and other apparel styles in the market. It will most likely catch your husband’s heart.


6. Watch

6. Watch e1321028881915 Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Husbands

It does not mean that men are late all the time, but since they do not wear too much of accessories just like women, watch is the main item that you can see whenever they are outside your house. You could also see them wearing a watch when you plan to do an activity together just like strolling in the mall, shopping, and even if you have a date with your husband. It also adds charm and a positive personality. It is even wise if you will give the item on the spot and have him pick his choice.



5. Power Tools

5. Power Tools e1321028941493 Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Husbands

If women’s stuff is found on their collections of make-up, accessories, and other vanity things, men have theirs too, but they are not stuff that they can apply on their body and face. Power tools are perfect items that magnify their masculinity. In fact, wives have noticed that whenever they are shopping around in the mall, men is easily attracted to check on tools that they can use to fix something at home, in the car, and others.



4. Headphones

4. Headphones e1321028983710 Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Husbands

Women are not just music lovers but men as well. In fact, even when they get married; they are still inclined with the latest music and songs on the radio. The fact that latest gadgets are around like mobile phones, MP3 players, MP4, iPods, and other music gadgets, headphones are the best match that you can give to your husband.



3. Car/Car Stuff

3. CarCar Stuff e1321029034166 Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Husbands

To all wives who have witnessed how their husband uttered surprising and exciting remarks whenever they see the latest models of cars on the road, despite that at times that you don’t understand where they are coming from. Believe what you would have to read, car is the next passion that most of the men collects and fascinates. It could be real car or just toy cars with resemblance of the luxurious and high-end vehicles on the road.



2. Video Games

2. Video Games e1321029071388 Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Husbands

Even before internet accessibility has spread out across the globe, video games have been the next best buddy of all the hubbies out there. In fact, most of them would sneak out in the night and even at work just to play games. Make sure that you inform your husband to balance the time for his family and his games once you give it to him.



1. Latest Gadgets

1. Latest Gadgets e1321029123394 Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Husbands

They are more passionate in getting the latest models than women. In fact, they even make research and they are up-to-date about the upcoming models in the market. Specifications are their expertise and these include mobile phones, laptops, computers, and other music gadgets.