Top 10 Christmas Tree Deorating Ideas

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Christmas won’t be complete without sparkling colorful lights on the streets, lanterns on each house, joyful chorus of a Christmas carol in the air, with the highlight and central piece of each year’s big event, the decorative set up of the Christmas tree. There are exciting ways to start decorating your Christmas tree and you can come up with different ways of decorating your tree based on preferences, styles and of course, if you have enough selection of Christmas tree ornaments to make it lively and bright. Hence, for this year, these are the trendiest, most contemporary, and the most unique.






10. Sugar Plum Pink Tree

10. Sugar Plum Pink Tree e1321000782789 Top 10 Christmas Tree Deorating Ideas

This is for all single women who are living alone, where its main colors are combinations of pink and purple. You could also have fuscia and pink. This is also handy and very economical. You could actually purchase it in unlit or pre-lit styles. Normally, its height is available in 4 and half feet, nine feet, and 7 feet 6 inches.



9. Blue and Copper Christmas tree

9. Blue and Copper Christmas tree e1321000823858 Top 10 Christmas Tree Deorating Ideas

It is also known as chocolate brown tree, which is a combination of blue and copper colors. Its height is six and a half feet, which could be decorated with toppers and swags, colorful combination of balls, and other ornaments that would compliment for its color mix.



8. Santa Tree

7. Snow Man Tree e1321001039688 Top 10 Christmas Tree Deorating Ideas

You would just need a typical Christmas tree that you have in your house. The materials that you need to achieve a Santa Claus look are red ribbons that would be wrapped around to the whole tree enough to cover the whole tree. Put white feathers on the top that would serve as a white beard of your Santa Tree. Put a black belt on the middle of the tree or you could create your own while ornamenting it red balls and other embellishments.



7. Snowman Tree

8. Santa Tree e1321000869913 Top 10 Christmas Tree Deorating Ideas

If you want to put off the traditional Christmas tree set up, you could have your own Snowman Tree. The materials that you would just need are the white Christmas tree and a big white, lightweight ball on top that has etched eyes and nose that resembles the feature of a snowman. You also need a red scarf that you can wrap around on the top of the tree that would serve as its neck. Of course, do not forget its cute hat to make the total look of your snowman tree.



6. Black Christmas tree

6. Black Christmas tree e1321001449698 Top 10 Christmas Tree Deorating Ideas

Black is not just a color that symbolizes bad luck and negativity. In fact, this is one of the favorite trends found in the United States and in the United Kingdom. According to history, it started in UK where black Christmas trees signify modernization, which can be seen in most of the houses in central Europe. This is typically adorned with minimal ornaments with colors of deep red, blue, and pink.



5. Nut Cracker Christmas tree

5. Nut Cracker Christmas tree e1321001527631 Top 10 Christmas Tree Deorating Ideas

This is one of the favorite Christmas trees that you can see during this season. It depicts a fairy tale themed presentation where nutcracker ornaments are its primary decorations, along with other basic toys that you can hang around the Christmas tree such as tiny teddy bears, nutcracker men, strings of popcorn, and other small toys available in your house. You would just need a typical tree and shower it with lights and toy soldiers.



4. Golden Tree

4. Golden Tree e1321001618668 Top 10 Christmas Tree Deorating Ideas

To achieve a shimmering look to make it a golden tree, you would need Christmas ornaments with a golden touch of purple, red, or a combination of it. You could use a simple small tree or any available tree that you have at home. The primary element to achieve a golden look is its golden-wired ribbons that you can wrap around the tree or find any old ornaments where you can spray gold colors on them or paint them to make it glittery. You do not need to make it luxurious as long as you can have the primary color present and you would just need to stick with it.


3. Crystal Tree

3. Crystal Tree e1321001720787 Top 10 Christmas Tree Deorating Ideas

This is very simple yet it exudes sophistication among all other Christmas trees that you could see during the yuletide season. This is actually a timeless all-white or iridescent tree, which is covered with white lights. You could add white garlands or any crystal colors in blue, clear, and turquoise shades. Do not forget to place a white star on the top of your crystal Christmas tree.



2. Holiday Classic

2. Holiday Classic e1321001833332 Top 10 Christmas Tree Deorating Ideas

It is a holiday classic because the ornaments that you could find on the green Christmas tree are the 12 ornaments that you can hear from a very popular Christmas song entitled “12 days of Christmas”. Along with it are the basic ornaments that symbolize Christmas seasons such as socks, Santa Claus, lanterns, and of course, Christmas lights.


1. Traditional Christmas tree

1. Traditional Christmas tree e1321001902976 Top 10 Christmas Tree Deorating Ideas

This is not a store bought Christmas tree, but you need a real pine tree that you can set up and place in any corner of your house. There are two popular decoration types to make it stunning and sparkling, which is the Victorian and the country style.

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