“O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree! Thy leaves are so unchanging”. Every year, we have seen Christmas trees in many places around the world, in shopping malls, outdoor parks, and even in homes. Have you ever wondered what are the biggest and tallest Christmas trees found within the country? In case you need some ideas on how to make your tree look good this year, you can start by looking at the list of the tallest Christmas trees in the US. One thing about this list is that there are new members in the lineup that has never been recorded in the previous years.



10. Boston, Massachusetts

10. Boston Massachusetts Top 10 Largest Christmas Trees in the US

One of the best traditions observed in some cities is the lighting of the Christmas tree along the streets, where people gather around and sing some songs of merriment while the mayor flips the switch as the mark of the beginning of the Yuletide season. In Boston, the lights of the 85-foot tree in front of the Faneuil Hall Marketplace have been seen since the 1940s.



9. Dallas, Texas

9. Dallas Texas Top 10 Largest Christmas Trees in the US

Indoor Christmas trees are usually smaller in size and form, particularly since headroom is not that considerably high to begin with. However, the case is different when you go to The Galleria in Dallas, Texas. You will come across the biggest indoor winter tree, even 95 feet, despite of a warm weather outside the streets. What makes this tree even more exciting to see is that you get to go around it while spending some time skating inside the rink.



8. Kansas City, Missouri

8. Kansas City Missouri Top 10 Largest Christmas Trees in the US

You can see Christmas trees outdoors in front of malls, or in parks. However, Missouri does this differently where their 100-foot silver holiday tree is proudly standing nearby the office of the city mayor in Crown Center Square. What makes this particular tree in Kansas City a view of amazement and awe are the fountains that flow underneath it, making the Christmas tree a wonderful sight to look at, even with over 7,200 lights of sheer yuletide spirit.



7. Los Angeles, California

7. Los Angeles California Top 10 Largest Christmas Trees in the US

Los Angeles is known to be a very temperate place that will never experience White Christmas with snow falling from the sky. But with weather that may be as hot as the stars and celebrities that live there, their celebration of the season of giving is not slowed down as they have two Christmas trees standing on different locations, in Americana at Brand and the Grove at Farmers Market, both at 100 feet each.



6. Anthem, Arizona

6. Anthem Arizona Top 10 Largest Christmas Trees in the US

Somewhere in the northern part of Phoenix stands a Christmas tree that may symbolize the true meaning of Blue Christmas, as this tree has over 3,000 ornaments with green, blue, and purple dominating the evening sky. Over 14 people had to work over the 110-foot imported white fir and have its great display arrayed over the Outlets.



5. Ferndale, California

5. Ferndale California Top 10 Largest Christmas Trees in the US

If you think that most places in California are linked with high-rising skyscrapers and cool summer perfect beaches, then you may feel a different air when staying at Ferndale. Aside from an ambience that will set your mood in older historical street fare, you also get to see one of the highest Christmas trees found at the Victorian Village, standing at a high 150 feet.



4. Austin, Texas

4. Austin Texas Top 10 Largest Christmas Trees in the US

The Zilker Park Tree in Austin, Texas may be one of the biggest Christmas trees when looking at the base, even being 380 feet, while standing at a high 155 feet. It carries over 3,309 lights with 39 streamers holding 81 multi-colored bulbs. This great tradition started in 1965 by a member of the City’s Special Holiday Activities Committee, Alden Davis.



3. Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

3. Coeur d’Alene Idaho Top 10 Largest Christmas Trees in the US

Could you ever imagine seeing a star atop the Christmas tree that can be as tall as 10 feet? This can be very huge to imagine, but may still be very small when you see that twinkling star affixed on the top of a tree that stands 161 feet. This tree located in Coeur d’Alene Resort, Idaho used to hold the title of the highest Christmas tree in the past couple of years, way higher than what is found in NYC or in Washington, DC.



2. Monmouth, Oregon

2. Monmouth Oregon Top 10 Largest Christmas Trees in the US

One of the highest trees that can be enjoyed this holiday season can be found somewhere in the grounds of the Western Oregon University, where one Christmas tree is claimed to be about 200 feet high.



1. Indianapolis, Indiana

1. Indianapolis Indiana Top 10 Largest Christmas Trees in the US

The Christmas tree that claims the title of being, not only the tallest in the US, but also all over the world, is the 284-foot tall tree that decorated the Soldiers and Sailors Monument Circle in Indianapolis. The Colonel Eli Lilly Civil War Museum underneath the monument changes into one of the world’s most highlighted objects where spectators can get to the top of the tree for only $2 each.