Ever since the beginning of time, killings have always been a part of life, from the simple intent of obtaining meat from animals, to as complicated and heartless as taking away the life of another person. Throughout history, people have sought of ways of how to kill through different means where some are picky of using the deadliest of weapons while others just use what their hands can reach. Here is a list of the ten weapons that people use to kill others.





10. Explosives

10. Explosives1 Top 10 Most Used Murder Weapons

Molotov burns a large number of people and grenades or improvised explosives take a toll on tens of lives as these created tools of destruction wreak havoc and cause chaos in the community. It may take a few lives away, but this weapon is perfect for those criminals whose aim is to sabotage the peace that lingers in any specific area.



9. Poison

9. Poison Top 10 Most Used Murder Weapons

Using hazardous materials being mixed in food or drink has always been a classic even in old times. As others would put it, using poison to kill someone is a thought-out plan since it takes wit, talent, and strategy to have something so fatal to be included with an everyday thing.



8. Water

8. Water Top 10 Most Used Murder Weapons

While others think that swimming or taking a dip in the pool is nothing serious, some killers choose to drown their victims where loss of breath is coupled with strangling done underwater. It makes the killing process faster as the loss of oxygen is cut twice as fast.



7. Fire

7. Fire Top 10 Most Used Murder Weapons

Arson is chosen as one of the best weapons of choice since it usually hits two birds in one stone, no matter how it is being used, whether directly burning someone or having him or her enclosed in a structure and scorch things altogether. Aside from killing the individual, the suspect also clears most leads by burning any evidence together with act of burning the person.



6. Asphyxiation

6. Asphyxiation Top 10 Most Used Murder Weapons

Asphyxiation or impairing breathing with the use of hazardous gases and chemicals are used to usually make people sleep quickly. However, when the nose is being blocked for too long and the loss of oxygen is apparent, either then the person dies of loss in breathing or their system gave up because of inhaled chemicals that may damage internal parts.



5. Strangulation

5. Strangulation Top 10 Most Used Murder Weapons

Strangling a person can be performed with the use of hands, if one is very desperate, while others choose to utilize cords, power cables, ropes, or wires. When the neck is forced close, the passageway of air is also blocked, thus avoiding oxygen to reach the brain, which actually kills the person in a few minutes.



4. Blunt Objects

4. Blunt Objects Top 10 Most Used Murder Weapons

Hammers, planks, large rocks, or even flower vases, and drinking bottles. When these blunt objects are struck into the head of another individual with great force, it may either knock them off to sleep or knock them off for good as such impact can permanently create brain damage which may immobilize the individuals.



3. Body Parts

3. Body Parts Top 10 Most Used Murder Weapons

When you are not able to have anything on hand, the greatest weapons to hurt or kill your opponent is either your bare hands or your other body parts in self-defense. ­This is the moment where you can apply what you have been watching in karate movies where your fists, elbows, knees, and feet can be used to impale or obliterate your enemy.



2. Knives and other Sharp Objects

2. Knives and other Sharp Objects Top 10 Most Used Murder Weapons

One of the fastest ways of killing people is by using something sharp to either cut some particular sections of the body such as the neck or the wrist. However, to be more specific, most individuals use kitchen knives, as these are easily accessible in cabinets or on drawers. Once the knife is used to slash the skin for bleeding, or to pierce the skin and damage inner organs, then death is close to assurance.



1. Guns

1. Guns Top 10 Most Used Murder Weapons

Guns have been known to be the deadliest weapon of all, where it can destroy life in a mere touching of the trigger. In a single shot that is targeted on a very delicate area, such as the heart or the brain, an individual may die in less than 5 minutes. The most common guns being used are those of caliber 22 and caliber 38, as it is easy to carry such weapons.