Christmas is usually a time for family and friends. However, there is another group of people that you may be associated with, especially when you are spending your life as an employee. They may be your boss, supervisors, or fellow office-mates that are just across or nearby your desk. Since they have been a part of your life, you may consider giving them gifts, as a way of showing gratitude to their contributions to your professional career. If you are thinking what gifts to give to them, then checking this list can give you some suggestions to think of. 10 Best Gifts for Office Co workers
10. Packs or Boxes of Chocolates

10. Packs or Boxes of Chocolates 10 Best Gifts for Office Co workers

This gift is not only suggested for those lovers who would like to couple their flowers with chocolates, but workers can also enjoy these gifts all year long. It can be so relaxing to feel that when you get hungry in between breaks, you can just sneak something from the cabinet and you can have a snack that can get your work juices running again.



9. Aroma Candles

9. Aroma Candles 10 Best Gifts for Office Co workers

Do not underestimate the value of this gift, especially when the purpose is to use it as a display on the desk or even paperwork on some occasions. The idea here has nothing to do with lighting the candle since doing so may activate the detector. Instead, this gift releases a scent that can make the workstation clean smelling.



8. Stuffed Animals

8. Stuffed Animals 10 Best Gifts for Office Co workers

Whether you may give this gift to the ladies or the guys in the office, stuffed animals are safe gifts to provide because aside from it serves as a charm in their desks, it can also be used as pillows to rest the head, the back, or even the legs. It serves a dual purpose, which can bring about thankful people, even when you are giving something as conventional as a stuffed dog, or something unusual just like a soft, cuddly baboon.



7. Desk Toys

7. Desk Toys 10 Best Gifts for Office Co workers

Since you are not allowed to Facebook in your office, even on free time or breaks, you can remove the boredom by fascinating yourself with desk toys that not only look stylish and appealing, but also entertaining as it can blow your mind and take stress away when you set your eyes on the movement it makes. Just one or two of these can be perfect for the busy employee.



6. Hand Sanitizer

6. Hand Sanitizer 10 Best Gifts for Office Co workers

Since you are always prompted to keep your hands clean, as instructed by the company doctor or by the people in the human resource department, then getting a hand sanitizer for a gift can be a perfect item to keep your colleagues safe from germs transferred and contacted by hand. You may choose to give them the mini travel size, sprays, keychain types, and even the standard squeeze bottles.


5. Desk Clocks

5. Desk Clocks 10 Best Gifts for Office Co workers

Desk clocks are actually gifts that are easy to provide and purchase in most stores. However, your creativity in this gift can be tested because there are hard-to-find desk clocks that come with multiple functions where it has different provisions for notepads, pencils, pens, and other office accessories. There are different themes and styles of it, depending on the kind of person you will present this gift to. It can be a great buddy reminding you that it’s almost time to go home, or it’s almost the weekend.



4. Notepads, Post-its, and Stationeries

4. Notepads Post its and Stationeries 10 Best Gifts for Office Co workers

When you have given pens for the holidays, office people become more fulfilled with such gifts when they are given something to write on. You may think that it’s just kid stuff; however, employees need to have paper and notepads with them so that they could take on some minutes, write some agenda for the day, or have themselves posted with reminders when it is needful. It may cost cheap, but the purpose is truly amazing.



3. Pens, Pencils, and Markers

3. Pens Pencils and Markers 10 Best Gifts for Office Co workers

Even though pens, pencils, and markers are ordinary items that can be seen in the office every day, having it as a gift, especially bundled in an attractive container, is more than appreciated. After all, you cannot do your daily tasks if you do not have such writing tools on hand. Be sure to have as many varieties as there can be so that they even become happier.



2. Calendars and Planners

2. Calendars and Planners 10 Best Gifts for Office Co workers

In order to encourage the productivity of each employee, even your bosses and higher-ups, then giving them a calendar and a planner can make them at the edge of their performance. After all, an effective worker knows his time, schedule, appointments, goals, and even birthdays and other commitments. Even though the gift may be less expensive, the thought really counts because it indicates that the giver would like the person to be fruitful with his or her use of time. Desk calendars, pocket planners, and even digital calendars, or those printed on mousepads actually work well.



1. Starbucks Goodies

1. Starbucks Goodies 10 Best Gifts for Office Co workers

Whether it may be a free cup of coffee, some notebooks, a calendar planer, or even a pen, employees are overwhelmed with joy when they know their gifts came from Starbucks.