One of the best things to do in cherishing the presence of special people during the holidays is by playing games in parties where you get closer with the people you get associated with, whether it may be people close to you or perfect strangers in the same event. However, since most parties involve both kids and adults, what kinds of games will you play or suggest for everyone to get included?





10. Newspaper Dance

10. Newspaper Dance Top 10 Christmas Party Games for Kids and Adults

This can be played by a couple or a team. They must step on the newspaper when the played music stops. After each play, the paper then becomes smaller by one fold where they need to stand on the paper and not fall down.



9. Balloon Popping Relay

9. Balloon Popping Relay Top 10 Christmas Party Games for Kids and Adults

One end is a number of players, about 5, while the other end has balloons. A player runs and pops the balloon, and then goes back and taps another player to pop another balloon. Whoever finishes first wins.



8. Silver Bells

8. Silver Bells Top 10 Christmas Party Games for Kids and Adults

This game involves a bell and an IT that will be blindfolded in the middle of the circle. Those who are on the circle needs to have the bell passed around while the IT is singing a Christmas Carol with his eyes closed. Once the carol is done, the IT guesses who has the bell. If the guess is wrong, then the step has to be repeated until someone becomes a new IT.



7. Unwrap the Gift Game

7. Unwrap the Gift Game Top 10 Christmas Party Games for Kids and Adults

This game is to be played in the same relay format as in other games where the objective is to unwrap the gift until there is no more to unwrap. The game may involve about 5-7 players also, depending on how the gift has been prepared. The trick is on the preparation process where gifts are wrapped from the smallest box to the biggest. When the smallest has been wrapped, it is put into another bigger box and then is also wrapped, until the biggest box is done. Newspaper should be sufficient as a wrapper since it is just a game anyway.



6. Fruit Salad

6. Fruit Salad Top 10 Christmas Party Games for Kids and Adults

This game can be played with at least 10 members. To make it more fun and chaotic, you can play this game having as much as 20-30 players. Before getting into the action, you need to have the circle count from 1-4 depending on the number of “fruits” you will involve in making a fruit salad, such as apples, grapes, peaches, and cherries. One number is named for one fruit, and so on. Once the naming has been set, the IT gets to mention one fruit name where they need to trade seats. You can use two and even three names at the same time. You mention “fruit salad” where everyone gets to change seats, while IT steals one chair with a new IT on the rise.



5. Gift Stacking Relay

5. Gift Stacking Relay Top 10 Christmas Party Games for Kids and Adults

This game can be formed in as many groups as possible, as long as each group would have as many members as 7-10. Each member would need to get on one end to have a gift stacked in place and return in line for the next person to stack another gift. You may prepare as many boxes in varying sizes. Whoever wins first and is able to stack the gifts without falling wins the game.



4. Pass the Stocking

4. Pass the Stocking Top 10 Christmas Party Games for Kids and Adults

Before you begin playing this game, you need to have a Christmas stocking and have it loaded with a bunch of things, both Christmas and non-Christmas related such as office items, pens, and others. Once the items have been put inside the stocking, have it tied with a ribbon so that others will not see what is inside. Have people gathered around and give them a pen and a piece of paper to write something on. Let each player touch the stocking and they need to write the stuff they think is inside. After everyone is done, have the list and then bring the stuff out. Whoever guesses the most items right is the winner.



3. Penguin Run

3. Penguin Run Top 10 Christmas Party Games for Kids and Adults

Although this may still be one of the relay games, the challenge in this game is to walk around like a penguin, while holding a piece of fresh egg. Players of about five members need to have a balloon placed between their legs. Once done, they must walk fast while carrying a fresh egg, passing obstacles and then tapping the next player until everyone finishes their turn.



2. Pin the Nose on the Reindeer

2. Pin the Nose on the Reindeer Top 10 Christmas Party Games for Kids and Adults

Based on the title of the game, it is played just like pin the Tail on the donkey, except this has a yuletide touch of things. This is not only applicable for kids, as most people think so. After all, you can also put blindfolds on adults and have them turned round and round. They need to have that nose stuck on the reindeers face as close as possible, as this is the determinant in choosing the winner of the game.



1. Christmas Charade

1. Christmas Charade Top 10 Christmas Party Games for Kids and Adults

This is a classic game that anyone knows. However, this Christmas season, you could think of words or other stuff that has anything to do with the season. When it mentions “anything”, it could be anything as long as it is associated with the celebration. Be sure to have a timer and a judge to confirm the scoring. The team who scores the most wins the game.