So you’ve sent out your Christmas cards (late again), ordered the turkey and decided on your new year’s resolutions, but what things can you realistically expect to happen in 2012. What things have you got to look forward to?




1. The global recession will continue and you’ll still be broke (just saying)

global recession 10 Things That Might Happen To You In 2012
No matter what the people in charge might tell us, it’s pretty clear we’re going to be in a global recession for a while. So what you do when the economy is bad, your working hours have been cut and you still want to have fun?
Well, you save money by going to friends’ houses for drinks instead of the bar. You learn to snap up that 2-4-1 offers down at the supermarket and you look out for last minute package holiday deals. Though don’t be too surprised if the accommodation is not exactly….errr…five star.