funny sopa 10 Major Companies Which Are Supporting SOPA/PIPAThe last best thing ever happened to human being is “Internet” because it gave us the freedom to do (things online) whatever we wanted and now Congress wants this freedom back, Yes! they want to put you in the Jail for sharing a photo/video over Facebook. SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) which is going through congress these days, if passed will kill the online freedom. Where almost 90 percent of major American companies are opposing SOPA and PIPA there are some companies which are supporting it for no reason, Godaddy was also supporting SOPA till l today but when they saw people are boycotting them they officially declared that they are against SOPA . I hope Congress will not pass the bill 3261 and sharing would still be caring, Below is the list of 10 major companies which are supporting SOPA/PIPA





SOPA 10 Major Companies Which Are Supporting SOPA/PIPA



10. Philip Morris International

A leading American tobacco company owned by Altria Group is supporting SOPA



9. Rolex Watch USA Inc

Rolex the maker of World’s most classy watches are supporting Stop Online Piracy Act which is going through congress these day.



8. Dolce & Gabbana USA, INC

Dolce & Gabbana an Italian luxury fashion house, D&G USA is also in favor of SOPA



7. ADIDAS America

Leading sports wear manufacturer ADIDAS is favoring SOPA, There are lots of fashion industry’s companies which are supporting SOPA



6. U.S. Chamber of Commerce

One of the largest lobbying group of US which is not associated with US Government in any way and it consists of lobbyists, Lawyers and policy specialists. They are also supporting SOPA/PIPA



5. Ford Motor Company

A multinational Automaker which needs no introduction, Ford Motors US, is also favoring SOPA



4. Sony

Sony Electronics, Sony Entertainment and Sony Pictures in short SONY inc is also supporting SOPA and this is strange.



3. Wal-Mart

The largest chain of American discounted departmental stores and they are also supporting SOPA, We know that Piracy is a bad thing but why don’t you guys stick to your retail business?



2. World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc

The biggest wrestlers franchise in America with millions of viewers including me are supporting SOPA/PIPA. Don’t know why they are so much concerned to Piracy



1. Electronic Arts, Inc

Now this is wondering, One of the largest Video Games producer and marketer of America is favoring SOPA while most of the Video Game makers are opposing SOPA/PIPA, Should we boycott EA?