Top 10 Best Countries to Live in 2012

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Those who are planning to settle in other countries permanently may check this list so they would know the edge of migrating to live in one of these countries for good. There could be various personal reasons why they would choose to leave everything behind where one of which is economic reasons that would allow them better job opportunities and better lives. These countries offer major breaks that would improve their lives and would give them new life and hope, despite of the calamities that the world is facing each year. They are not just suggestions but they are recommended places where one could settle for good. This list is based on comfort that an individual can attain wherein he or she would achieve balance in life and work. Below is the list of 10 best countries to live a good life in 2012



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10. France

10. France e1327419255436 Top 10 Best Countries to Live in 2012

Based on the ratio for working hours for all employees, it only garnered 9% compared to other countries that they have to work overtime than the regular 8 hours, just to be able to bring or receive enough remuneration that would be sufficient for a week’s or month’s expense. Women and children have 16.06 hours that had been spent for personal care, leisure, and 66% of women who are employed have children. The child poverty concern is only 8% and this ratio makes it healthier for individuals to live in.



9. Portugal

9. Portugal e1327419278660 Top 10 Best Countries to Live in 2012

Yes, it is true that it is one of the countries that have lowest child ratio. In fact, majority of families have one child, which can be found out of 10 49 year-old women. Although this ratio affects the stability of the country, however, the main reason is the working long hours of the employees, which is current recorded at 6%, which suggests that an individual does not need to double their effort just to meet their needs. The 65% is allocated for women who are working where they have children and 15.27% is high for leisure.


8. Germany

8. Germany e1327419302573 Top 10 Best Countries to Live in 2012

It is also one of the major three countries that have fewer babies wherein it maintains to have a 5% ratio of employees that work long hours, which is one of the good factors, and indicators that an immigrant would enjoy. It has 16.14 total hours spent for personal care and leisure while 66% employment rate for those women who have children.


7. Sweden

7. Sweden e1327419325915 Top 10 Best Countries to Live in 2012

It has a good ratio recorded because according to statistics, there is 65% time equal to 15.5 hours that people had to spend on personal stuff such as sleeping and eating, which also includes leisure time to socialize, attend to their hobbies, and be with family and friends. It influences the hours of work in this country. In fact, there is only 1% among the employment population that had worked longer hours, which is a good indicator that quality of living and compensation in this country is high, wherein 76% of women are working although they have kids already.


6. Switzerland

6. Switzerland e1327419347804 Top 10 Best Countries to Live in 2012

It could have had 6% long hours of work for all employed individuals but they have recorded 1640 hours worked in a year, which is one of lowest, recorded in OECD. There are 79% of women who are working while doing their maternal responsibilities to their children. Hence, 15.74 hours were spent for leisure and personal care.


5. Belgium

5. Belgium e1327419416711 Top 10 Best Countries to Live in 2012

Another lowest working hour recorded in OECD, which is 1550 hours for its annual report, which is 4%. Hence, it garnered 63% employment rate for women who have children and had 16.61 hours spent for personal matters and free time.


4. Finland

4. Finland e1327419442654 Top 10 Best Countries to Live in 2012

This is one of the countries that assured and ensured working mothers, that child welfare could be given through childcare places, which have been established that would continue to nurture children. It is the reason that the mother employment rate here is up by 76% while 4% is the total long working hours and has maintained 15.95 hours for leisure time and personal stuff.


3. Netherlands

3. Netherlands e1327419467100 Top 10 Best Countries to Live in 2012

It has the lowest working rate among all other countries; because of the total working hours recorded are only 1378 annually. It has increased employment opportunities for women that made it 76% ratio for women who have children. Hence, majority of this ratio is part-time employment, while 16.06 hours had been spent with family, children, and important endeavors during free time. It has 1% record for long hours worked.


2. Norway

2. Norway e1327419493303 Top 10 Best Countries to Live in 2012

It is still one of the choices of individuals where they can live with 1407 total hours worked in a year with 3% ratio of long hours worked, 79% is attributed to women’s employment to those who have maternal responsibilities and yet had spent 16.05 hours for leisure and personal endeavors.


1. Denmark

1. Denmark e1327419534385 Top 10 Best Countries to Live in 2012

It has been placed as the number one country where an individual can live permanently because of the lowest child-poverty rate in the world due to an active implementation of child services. It has 2% long working hours, 78% for working mothers, and 16.31 for time spent for personal and free time.

You might ask why United States, Canada, and even Australia are not part of the list of best countries to live. They are part of the list, but it has ranked #23, 14, and higher than #23. The rules in migrating and settling in those countries become stiffer and rigid, specifically in Canada as to requirements for eligibility for citizenship.

Rhodora Dagatan is married and spends most of her time at home where she writes articles online for work and fun. She covers different topics like movies, gadgets, health, and other things that are in the trend these days.

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5 Responses to “Top 10 Best Countries to Live in 2012”

  1. Lucy says:

    That’s the stupidest statistic I’ve ever seen!!

    I live in denmark!! and I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We are all (in my family) very certain to move away from Denmark after
    the new circumstances, the effects of the recession and government … not to mention the horrible terror of vandalism,
    violence and crime in general plus the way people treat one and another, child, adult or old..
    Lack of, or closing down on youth workspaces / educations, money, schools, hospitals, and jobs in general..
    making it impossible to barely live a normal life without debt and unemployment and also
    the fact that we keep on getting more immigrants with no money or education into our country,
    meaning we have to provide for them..
    The pollution here has also crossed the line and the Animals are also being treated badly..
    Denmark now has the highest tax rate and VAT rate in the WORLD (look it up on google)
    Danish young people also, embarrassing as i might have to admit, have one of the highest percents of drinking (among youth) in the world..
    Some may even start drinking or smoking as a 6th grader, which is kinda scary but normal.

    All this in one makes us change our opinion about our homeland.. which isn’t much “home” anymore..

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 6 Thumb down 19

  2. Denmark123 says:

    For Lucy.

    Have you ever lived in another country? I don’t think you have ANY idea about how damn lucky we are in Denmark. We have free healthcare, schools and so on, that works.
    I live in Brazil for the moment, and believe me, Denmark is one of the best countries in the world.
    Do a little research before you write something like that.

    Crime? Violence? We barely don’t have any i. denmark.
    You should be happy and proud of your country.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 21 Thumb down 4

  3. Alex says:

    For Lucy.
    I think you should rethink your statement..
    I currently live in Southern California, born in Denmark though. And yes the weather is awesome in So-Cal and the people are nice. But there’s a lot more crime, rules are stricter, healtcare system is wierd, just like Denmark123 points out. I could live in the US yes, but that is only for business reasons and the fact that I like to get away from my own country.
    But if you look at it, Denmark is a really good country, our tax rate is way too high, I agree, but it produces stuff. There is a lot of political stuff I would like to change in Denmark, but that has nothing to do with what this list is based on. (FYI we also make more money than others in certain businesses, so that makes up for the tax).
    About the drinking, we do have the highest rate of youth drinking in all of Europe, but don’t think it’s so much better over here. They might not drink as much, but there’s more drugs going around and I have never in my life seen and heard about so many young girls, down to the age of 12 and 13 get pregnant. And because of the strict law, some young people even go farther than what we do in Denmark, which can be dangerous.
    And when it comes to pollution we’re leading on green energy with the largest sea windmill park in the world and one of the leading companys in that industry, plus we follow if not do better than EU requirements (please do some research, before stating us as a nature killer).

    As a final, when you comment on immigrants, cuts and unemployment rate, can i tell you that we are one of the most solid economies and resisted the recession really well, do to our good man Lars Løkke. The unemployment rate is not high compared to many other countries (I happen to know that Spains unemployment rate between 16 and 28 yrs old is 50%, how bout that?).
    Immigrants is bad yes, but try to see that California has now a majority of Mexicans and other southern Americans. That’s not nearly bad as Denmark.

    So Denmark is a good place to live and I agree fairly with this list and I understand why number 1 and 2 is distributed between Norway and Denmark.
    And after all we are the happiest people on earth ;)

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  4. khwezi says:

    I live in south africa and honestly is great but poverty and unemployement is to high and denmark i’ve visited it is great

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 7 Thumb down 1

  5. Viking says:

    Norway > Denmark
    because Norwegians arent poor

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 1 Thumb down 4