When you have played video games while you were young, or even if you are still playing now, you may have been amazed of the places and locations where stories happen, battles are being fought, and where plots are being unfold. While these areas may leave an impression in your head, because of the majesty, the beauty, and even the creativity, you may have thought if these venues can be visited somewhere in the planet. Lo and behold, here are the top 10 lists of places in video games that actually exist on Earth, which you may visit at any time.



new york vs liberty city 10 Places in Video Games that Actually Exist


10. New Marais

10. New Marais 10 Places in Video Games that Actually Exist

One of the cities in Infamous 2 is quite different when seen at night. Inspired from the scenes of New Orleans as envisioned by artist Sucker Punch, he was able to create one part of the suburbs that reflect on the real city’s colorful and lively nightlife.



9. Arkham Asylum

9. Arkham Asylum 10 Places in Video Games that Actually Exist

In the XBox 360 or PS3 game for Batman, Arkham Asylum is the place where super villains such as Joker, Poison Ivy, or Kane are imprisoned after being caught by the Dark Knight. If you were an ordinary guy, you would never visit this place as it is strictly protected. But don’t fret; you can spend some time in Danvers State Hospital, in Massachusetts, to feel the insanity within.



8. Isengard

8. Isengard 10 Places in Video Games that Actually Exist

Isengard is the place known as one of the fortresses of Gondor in Lord of the Rings. This is also known as Saruman’s base of operation, which even appeared on Lord of the Rings Online. However, this same tower and city has a great resemblance to the University of Birmingham in England. The towers on both locations have a great similarity!



7. Manchester Cathedral

7. Manchester Cathedral 10 Places in Video Games that Actually Exist

It could have been any made-up place or Church that could set the plot of Resistance: Fall of Man, as convincing as it could be, knowing that the game is about alternate history of alien invasions during 1951. However, Sony still chose to keep the location within the game, say, to make things more convincing for the players.



6. Vice City

6. Vice City 10 Places in Video Games that Actually Exist

One Grand Theft Auto game is very similar to the streets and the physical features of Miami, Florida due to the abundant sight of palm trees near buildings, on roads, and even on wharfs where yachts and boats are parked. Even the color of the city at night resembles one of US’ most active places.



5. Kathmandu

5. Kathmandu 10 Places in Video Games that Actually Exist

As you play Nathan Drake in Uncharted 2, searching for the secret treasures of Marco Polo, you will find yourself walking on the streets, markets, and even building roofs on the city of Kathmandu in Nepal. The resemblance is quite amazing that most details on walls, signage, and even street tiles have been critically made.



4. Kamurocho

4. Kamurocho 10 Places in Video Games that Actually Exist

As you play Sega’s Yakuza for PS3 or XBox 360, you will find yourself playing in an imaginary city of Japan, as this group of mafia rose to fame in this land. However, you will find yourself playing in a seemingly real world when you arrive at Kamurocho due to the similarities it depicts from Kabukicho’s red light district.



3. Overwatch Nexus

3. Overwatch Nexus 10 Places in Video Games that Actually Exist

Find yourself walking in streets, along the buildings, and even on hallways that are teeming with aliens and deformed humans in Half Life 2. But as you go along the way, you will notice one building where these extraterrestrials are mingling, which is called the Overwatch Nexus. Oh wait, you may identify this as the Serbia Parliament building.



2. Liberty City

2. Liberty City e1332382821639 10 Places in Video Games that Actually Exist

Grand Theft Auto has been quite famous of creating large scale cities, provinces, and towns that are inspired from the real thing. However, there is one amazing city in the game that has taken every inch of New York City, in the form of Liberty City. From the Statue of Liberty, to the evening skylights, and even Times Square, everything has been artistically rendered.



1. Silent Hill

1. Silent Hill e1332382850315 10 Places in Video Games that Actually Exist

For all horror game enthusiasts, Silent Hill has been one of the best places that introduced evil lurking in far town corners and buildings, hidden in creepy mists. However, this same scary place can be found in the town of Centralia, Pennsylvania where smokes are up all day. This is due to the burning mines that are underneath the town, where it still burns now, just as it was more than 50 years ago. Oh yeah, sinkholes, cracked roads, and abandoned buildings are also available.