You may have enjoyed comedy, action, drama, romance, and superhero movies where the whacking, smashing, and beating are all but light and funny, that you will never even think it hurts. However, what if you see a movie genre that makes violence the main theme of the show? Could you still eat popcorn or drink soda when you see bones breaking, blood spurting, organs exploding, and other forms of abuse that you have never seen in your lifetime? I don’t think so… Anyway here are the top 10 best violence movies of all time, where the worst could be the best!


 violence Top 10 Best Violence Movies of All Time



10. Kill Bill

10. Kill Bill Top 10 Best Violence Movies of All Time

You may love watching violent shows or anime series in TV that portrays fantastic moves when wielding special weapons of war such as katanas, morning stars, and other armaments. Kill Bill could be your thing if you need convincing blood, spurting blood from cut arms, heads, and even plucked eyes. It’s not all gore, but the violence at least has a riveting story of its own.



9. The Woman

9. The Woman Top 10 Best Violence Movies of All Time

Infamous for being banned in many countries all over the world, plus being disturbing at the Sundance Film Festival, the Woman is a story about a normal family bringing in a not-so-normal woman from the woods. What makes this female not so average is her insatiable need for killing.



8. Two Thousand Maniacs

8. Two Thousand Maniacs Top 10 Best Violence Movies of All Time

It is a usual scene in gory movies that you find the victim stranded in the middle of nowhere and being tortured, killed, or attacked by unexpected visitors. However, Two Thousand Maniacs is absolutely different as ladies are actually brutally killed within a town of seemingly civilized people. But we could be wrong every once in a while.



7. The Human Centipede (1st and Full Sequence)

7. The Human Centipede 1st and Full Sequence Top 10 Best Violence Movies of All Time

Centipedes can be fascinating creatures, especially when you see their body move while crawling on grass or soil. It even makes you think that it is an insect made of smaller segments. But what if you see a movie that offers surgery making this same insect to reality? Not only will you be shocked at the way the surgery is being carried, but the methods of how surgical maniacs have obtained their specimens.



6. The Last House on the Left

6. The Last House on the Left Top 10 Best Violence Movies of All Time

Taking a vacation to the great outdoors is more than a great breath of fresh air. But what would you do if your getaway has been ruined by criminals hurting and almost killing your daughter? How far will you go in avenging them? Will you be as brutal and heartless as the ones that got away?



5. I Spit on Your Grave

5. I Spit on Your Grave Top 10 Best Violence Movies of All Time

Seeking revenge after living from a brutal crime is all that drives some people to survive. But in this movie, you can see how revenge can go in the eyes of a woman being scorned, abused, and almost killed. Her way of vengeance is nothing you could think possible, especially if it has a lady, being the victim.



4. Saw

4. Saw Top 10 Best Violence Movies of All Time

This is the movie that started modern day gory trends in cinemas. Aside from a seemingly annoying mascot named Jigsaw that loves to toy the lives of his different victims, another concept that is original in this show is the way his traps are disorienting various individuals. As much as they like to get out, they just end up mutilated and killed.



3. Cannibal Holocaust

3. Cannibal Holocaust Top 10 Best Violence Movies of All Time

Simply put it, seeing a cannibal eat another person is just plain horrible, gory, and extremely violent. Imagine tooth reaping the flesh of a man or a woman, seeing blood spilt all over the place, where eating raw skin, tissues, and organs is just like eating cooked chicken meals in a fast food chain.



2. Hostel

2. Hostel Top 10 Best Violence Movies of All Time

This movie is dedicated for all the sickos out there who consider torture, punishment, and killing inflicted to people, some kind of pleasure. If you are up to seeing toes being cut, drills being forced into the bones, even literally splitting skulls your kind of thing, then seeing Hostel can give you bliss or it may make you puke your intestines out.



1. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

1. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Top 10 Best Violence Movies of All Time

There are two reasons why this movie will scare the socks out of you. One, this gory movie of hack-and-slash action, not to mention hearing the buzzing sound of death, is based on a true story. Number two, the graphic presentation is so disturbing that it would make you stay at the edge of your seat, even forgetting that you’re eating popcorn.