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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in 2012

by Rhodora Dagatan - on Apr 20th 2012 - 1 Comment

Another list has been finalized, and shown in the public with regards to the 10 highest paying jobs in 2012. For the past years, we could see the trend of courses being taken up by incoming students in college. Although, we could see that there are various factors, and other considerations for considering specific degree but recently, majority of the students would based their courses on the kind of job that would give them steady, stable, and highest income. Admit it or not, practicality comes these days, despite that there are still employment specialists that still advise graduating students to get jobs related to the course that they have finished. This list of  highest paying jobs in 2012 would serve as a guide if you want to stick on your expertise or find a greener pasture.

10 Things You Might Not Know About Cheetah

by Arlen - on Apr 20th 2012 - Comments Off

cheetah 10 Things You Might Not Know About Cheetah



10. The cheetah’s English-language name is derived from the Hindi word ‘chita’, meaning ‘spotted one’.

9. Lion, tiger, leopard and jaguar can roar but not purr. With cheetah it’s the other way round – they can purr but not roar. Cheetah communicate through shrill ‘yips’ and ‘yelps’ to indicate stress or fear while deeper, more resonant ‘churrs’ have friendlier connotations.