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Top 10 Best Roller Coaster Rides in the World

by Rhodora Dagatan - on Apr 23rd 2012 - 2 Comments

Roller coaster is one of the most interesting and scariest rides that can be found in majority of the amusement centers and theme parks. The first roller coaster recorded in history was launched on January 20, 1885 by LaMarcus Adna Thompson. There were other recorded roller coasters in some parts of the world like in Russia in 15th century, Pennsylvania in 1827, and others followed in early part of 19th century. Roller coasters are being driven through the basic law of inertia, centripetal forces, and gravity. It’s really scary but the excitement and exhilarating feeling is what really attracts people to ride this kind of ride because of the unique adventure that it can give to them. (This list is about the best roller coaster rides ever recorded in history) Below are the 10 best roller coaster rides in the World

10 Lesser Known Fruits and Vegetables

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One of the golden tips that would really keep an individual’s health intact is by keeping fruits and vegetables at home. Eradicating unnatural and unsafe food selections found in most of the grocery stores would actually deteriorate the body’s normal defense against sicknesses and even short life span. Nonetheless, there are other unknown or less recognized fruits and vegetables that would give the same health benefits to everyone. You may not have heard these 10 lesser known fruits and vegetables from your parents, but it’s one way of widening your knowledge wherein you could share them to the next generation.