The word pizza is actually a Latin verb, which means to press, but its pronunciation is in Italian form. Nonetheless, this word is actually of Greek origin. It is also spelled as pita in byzantine Greek, which means pie. Although it is originally created in Greece but it has been apparently considered as one of the most favorite food in the world, aside from pasta, burger, rice, and potato, which are all numbered as major staple foods. It is part of the cuisine in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern part of Asia, although this term was first used in South Italy, specifically in the town of Gaeta around 997 A.D. The typical pizza is composed of specific types of bread, along with its main and original toppings such as tomato and cheese. For the past centuries, there were improvements on the tastes and presentation of pizzas in the market, which are results of innovation. However, it is named as one of the unhealthiest foods that should be avoided that contains high levels of carbohydrates and other sordid toppings. Nonetheless, there are various pizza parlors that actually serve nutritious and healthy pizzas because of its healthy toppings that would not stop your cravings while keeping you healthy and fit. Here are the top 10 most nutritious pizza toppings that you have to look for.





10. Non-Fat Cheese

10. Non Fat Cheese e1337952130368 Top 10 Most Nutritious Pizza Toppings

The full-fat cheese products is the main topping for all pizzas, especially to all fast food pizza that typically load their pie with cheese to make it flavorful and umami tasty. Based on studies, cheese contains high level of calories. Based on the average record, it’s about 100 calories per ounce, while its fat ranges from 6% to 9%. In fact, it is the main culprit for triggered increase in blood pressure that might result to heart attack and stroke. Nonetheless, there are pizza parlors these days that are now using non-fat cheese, instead of the typical tasty cheesy toppings. The result is still the same without thinking that you can’t eat too much of the cheese on your pie.



9.  Tomatoes

9. Tomatoes e1337952161921 Top 10 Most Nutritious Pizza Toppings

Aside from the good effects that it can give to our skin, it is one of the original toppings that cannot be replaced by any other selection. It is always partnered with other toppings. Aside from the juiciness and sweetness that it gives, it also contains low percentage of calories. It contains vitamin C which is good for the body and lycopene that fights certain cancers. You could actually read in many valuable sources, whether in books or online content, about the healthy benefits that tomatoes give to our body.



8. Skinless Cooked Chicken

8. Skinless Cooked Chicken e1337952201523 Top 10 Most Nutritious Pizza Toppings

If you are really conscious when it comes to meat, then skinless cooked chicken is preferred, although you could also have a choice of lean ham rather than the typical ham, which is one of the common toppings for pizza. This is recommended, especially if you would just prepare your own pizza at home. Whole chicken meat is healthy already, but its skin contains a high level of cholesterol, which can be comparable to any red meat.



7. Mushroom

7. Mushroom e1337952235143 Top 10 Most Nutritious Pizza Toppings

It is also one of the common toppings that can be found in any pizza flavors. It is considered part of the top 10 most nutritious pizza toppings, which is packed with nutrients, riboflavin, selenium, and Vitamin B. It provides a defense against the formation of cancer cells.



6. Pineapple

6. Pineapple e1337952262976 Top 10 Most Nutritious Pizza Toppings

If you have pineapple bits or slices on your pizza, then you don’t have to worry if you are going to take in so much pizza into your body. Based on healthy facts about pineapple, it contains an enzyme known as bromelain, which is good for the digestion process. It actually breaks down all saturated and unsaturated fat in the body, ensuring that it will not be converted to unhealthy fats. It has Vitamin C and it is also good in relieving muscle pain and it is recommended as an anti-inflammatory aid.



5. Raw/Cooked Spinach

5. Raw Cooked Spinach e1337952290396 Top 10 Most Nutritious Pizza Toppings

This is not just Popeye’s source of muscle power, but it is also one of the secret healthy toppings for pizza. It contains antioxidants, iron, zeaxanthin, and lutein, which are good against macular degeneration and excellent for healthy eyes. In fact, it does not matter if you would put it raw or cooked on your pizza. It actually complements well with your favorite non-fat cheese and tomatoes. It also contains Vitamin K and other 13 kinds of flavonoids that also fight cancer.



4. Garlic

4. Garlic e1337952319116 Top 10 Most Nutritious Pizza Toppings

You rarely see pizza parlors putting garlic on your favorite pizza. But there are some that places that offer it. It could be in a form of sauce by mixing chopped garlic in olive oil that could be spread on the pie, if you plan to make your own pizza at home. Garlic is the number one prescription to all patients who are experiencing increase in blood pressure. It is actually a member of the heart healthy fat family that is commonly found in olive oil. You may also roast pieces of garlic and it could add crisp, sweetness, and flavor to your pizza.



3. Bell Pepper Slices

3. Bell Pepper Slices e1337952349827 Top 10 Most Nutritious Pizza Toppings

It’s up to you if you want the green one or the red one, although the red bell pepper is much healthier compared to green bell pepper. They are packed with Vitamin A, C, B6, and antioxidants. It does not only add color to your pizza, but it also adds crunchiness to the overall taste.



2. Black Olives

2. Black Olives e1337952381560 Top 10 Most Nutritious Pizza Toppings

It’s up to you if you want to consider it or not, but being part of this top 10 most nutritious pizza toppings will actually give a strong affirmation that it’s indeed healthy, despite of the strong taste that it gives. You just have to put some of it in minimal quantity if you don’t like the taste. It contains healthy non-saturated fat and with no cholesterol at all. It also fights heart diseases and also contains flavanoids and polyphenols.



1. Onions

1. Onions e1337952410431 Top 10 Most Nutritious Pizza Toppings

Onion is one of the most powerful toppings that can be found in any of the meals that we prepare at home. It is known for its strong flavor that actually fights in lowering blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol, since it contains Vitamin C, fiber, and chromium that also fights cancer and other diseases.