Top 10 Largest Armies in the World

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An army is a significantly sizeable structured assembly of people. They are trained and armed in defense of the country they are serving. Armies, in times of war, fight on land. It is their expertise to defend the nation on land. As the increase of turmoil between countries and nations arise all over the world, increase in protection and defense becomes a priority to all governments. Territories and interests are some of the things that armies need to protect in a nation whether the disturbance may come internally or externally. The size of an army is one of the criteria in determining the power of a nation. Its size directly refers to the number of its personnel in service. Other decisive factors of one’s army may also include technology, capabilities of members, training, composition, and organization.





10. Israel

10. Israel1 e1339555797827 Top 10 Largest Armies in the World


In 1948, Israel Defence Force was organized. Service from both sexes is of persistent requirement. In fact, they are the only nation worldwide that oblige this requirement. Very few were given an exemption to serve in military. They are maintaining more than 100,000 service force. United States remains to be one of their greatest allies. Such a support is needed for they constantly encounter conflicts with Palestine and Lebanon. The Six-Day War and the Arab-Israel War are also part of their military history.


9. Germany

9. Germany e1339555782620 Top 10 Largest Armies in the World

Who will ever forget the rise of Hitler? He is the popular German in the histories of the world who was responsible for starting the World War II when they attacked Poland. Germany had undergone a division of state after the war. That was the birth of the West Germany Army. In 1990s, there came a reunification of the state and the Germany Army was combined once more. Today, more than 200,000 soldiers are in active duty.


8. Russia

8. Russia e1339555769990 Top 10 Largest Armies in the World

One of the most significant changes in the military history of Russia is the foundation of the Russian Ground Force in 1992. The number of their servicemen has always been in major size. Service in their army is obligatory. With a very stable size, they were known for their power to conquer. In 1991, they even outnumbered United States before the tragic drop of the Soviet Union.


7. Turkey

7. Turkey e1339555757487 Top 10 Largest Armies in the World

For over 2,000 years now, the Turkish Army has been around. They are one of the few armies during World War II that remained neutral. In 1990s, they were involved in the Turkish Independence which was the biggest dispute then. Wars were fought along its boundaries as with Greece, Russia, France, Italy, and Britain. In Turkey, military service is a must.


6. United Kingdom

6. United Kingdom e1339555743500 Top 10 Largest Armies in the World

The British Army was founded in 1661. Ever since then, they have become part of battles like Revolutionary War, Napoleonic War, World War I, and World War II. They have fought in the Gulf War also. On September 11,2001, the threat of terrorism flared up as the Global War and the British Army and the US Army worked together to fight outside attacks. Presently, they are strong with 200,000 soldiers.


5. Pakistan

5. Pakistan e1339555729982 Top 10 Largest Armies in the World

Pakistan’s Army was organized in 1947. With a force of more than half a million members, it became one of the largest armies in the world nowadays. United States is an ally to the Pakistan Army. Together they fight terrorism mostly brought by the Al-Qaeda and Taliban of Afghanistan. They have fought well during The Gulf War in 1990s. Afghanistan and India have been a constant threat to their peace.


4. United States

4. United States e1339555717827 Top 10 Largest Armies in the World

In 1775, the United States Army was established. Primarily, it was organized to wrestle in the Revolutionary War. Being an ally to several countries worldwide, the U.S. Army was involved in almost every war that had happened in the history of the world. Its force is a combination of more than half a million soldiers in active duty, and over half a million also of National Guard and Reserve soldiers.


3. India

3. India e1339555704825 Top 10 Largest Armies in the World

The Indian Army primitively started way back Stone Ages. Today, they are identified as the country with the largest number of volunteers worldwide, making them acquire over 1 million of active duty soldiers. Their way to their very own independence was fought in war. Historically speaking, they have set Pakistan as their target to war for several times.


2. North Korea

2. North Korea e1339555690619 Top 10 Largest Armies in the World

In 1939, the North Korean People’s Army was founded. It has a vast fighting force of over one million members. Not to mention the great power from their reserve unit. Adding them together will produce over seven million soldiers. All are ready and prepared when called to active duty. According to their history, Vietnam War and Korean War are two of their major fights.  And as of this day, contention is still present between South and North Korea.


1. China

1. China e1339555672293 Top 10 Largest Armies in the World

The People’s Liberation Army of China has the most prevalent number of soldiers in the world. They have more than two million soldiers. Their force was organized in 1927 and had been through wars like the Sino-Japanese turmoil, Vietnam War, Korean War, and World War II. All Chinese men over 18 years old are required to join their army.

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8 Responses to “Top 10 Largest Armies in the World”

  1. Sparky181 says:

    Who cares who has the largest Army? The USA has the next largest military behind China and we are backed by NATO. We spend more than five times more than the Chinese and ten times more than the Russians. China wouldn’t last in a nuclear war with the USA. We have the best military technology. We have ten aircraft carriers the Chinese have one. We have more than five times China’s aircraft. We have slightly more tanks and submarines. We have the SEALs, DELTA Force, and Green Berets, not to mention the outstanding non-special forces troops.

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    • mediteranello says:

      Nice…especial that part that they wouldn’t last in a nuclear war…now thats really smart

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    • UncleSam13 says:

      And the Chinese own so much American government debt that in less than a decade the interest we pay them on the debt will be more than their military spending.

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  2. ngoni says:

    watch russia my friend watch russia . u have nothing there in america .

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    • BK says:

      Russia is simply an arms producer. They will have a population 1/4th the size of the US in 20 or so years. Russian arms are always cheaper and with much less quality. Russia lost to Japan and were getting their tail beat by the Germans in WW2 and only pushed them back because of long supply lines for the Germans and the cold. It was also no fluke that USSR lost to the US in the cold war. Nothing illuminated the difference in Russian/American arms like the first Iraq war. Iraq was the 5th largest army armed with the best in Russian arms. They got annihilated by 3 US divisions in a matter of weeks.

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      • sandra says:

        While all that is said is true think upon this….with all of those so called large armies and all of their know ammunition and aircrafts and special opps and trained forces…hear me…a hand full of suckers invaded our country and didn’t need to fly not one plane…The destruction they cause a entire army could not ever duplicate or even repair…War is silent!!!!

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    • George says:

      Seen Russia, not impresses. Notice first Iraq war. Iraq had the 5th largest army in the world armed with the most advanced in Russian arms. They were destroyed in several weeks by only 3 US divisions. You only have confidence born of ignorance.

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  3. YeahNah says:

    LOL the U.S. Army was involved in almost every war that had happened in the history of the world.

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