When one hears about fats, it gives a wrong impression or connotation. The general rule in keeping one’s health stable is to maintain, and avoid excessive distribution or allocation of proportion when it comes to serving. In fact, everyone needs fat, but the required amount must be met, and not in exaggerated percentage. You could not even undermine the shared portion of it. It must always come to the right and appropriate fraction in order to avoid ill-fated effects of it that might result to overweight, heart-related problems, stroke, hypertension, and worse death. On the lighter note and in conjunction with the Cholesterol Education Month which is being observed strictly in the United States every month of September, it is the hope and aim of this article to give proper literacy about 10 unknown facts about Fats. It should not create or imply negative information, but more on the healthy effects and benefits that one could get as one consume an equal amount of fats for their body.





10. Average Fat Gains Each Day

10. Average Fat Gains Each Day e1346675325902 10 Unknown Facts about Fats

For individuals the average recorded fat being gained each day is 1 gram of extra body fat. Hence, imagine if you would take 1 gram of it each day from different sources of fat, you would have a total of 365 grams of extra body in an annual basis. If that figures will be converted when you reached your 50th year, then it only means that you had 20 lbs. Hence, if you will take more than the standard intake of fat, then, that’s where the problem starts.


9. The Life Span of Fat Cells

9. The Life Span of Fat Cells e1346675308423 10 Unknown Facts about Fats

For a better discussion of information, the human fat cells only live in ten years time which is an average or standard life span. Nonetheless, when fat cells die, expect that a new one would come, and it actually dies on an average of rate of 150 per second. Since the basis of these fat cells are derived from a typical adult who has 50 billion of fat cells which is the normal composition, and it decreases once an individual has reached its puberty stage. In fact, it does not affect even if you gain weight, but it gets bigger up to 10 times normal size. However, when if the fat cells are found on brain cells, it’s expected when it dies that it will not be replaced. It’s the same reason why most people tend to be forgetful, or lose memory at an earlier life or commonly happens at a latter part of life.

8. Source of Calories

8. Source of Calories e1346675297123 10 Unknown Facts about Fats

To those who are aware, fat is the number one source of calories that the body needs. It is not just essential, but more than essential in order for someone to live, and sustain life. It’s a wrong impression that fat can kill you, but too much intake of it could kill you just like any other food that we take-in to our body in excess form, it would result to health problems. Hence, it depends as well as to the type of food where you could get these calories. You may need to identify or group as well good sources of calories. Hence, calories are needed for you to move just like a car without a gas it cannot be operated.

7. Adds Flavor

7. Adds Flavor e1346675284557 10 Unknown Facts about Fats

If you would try to observe most of the preservatives, and flavorful ingredients that you could readily mix to the food that you cook, majority of them have primary ingredients that actually derived from fat. In fact, you may also observe it especially to those people who love to cook that when you add fat or meat fats, you would see a difference on texture, and flavor thereafter.

6. Absorbs Soluble Vitamins

6. Absorbs Soluble Vitamins e1346675273240 10 Unknown Facts about Fats

To those people who are proactively maintaining vitamins intake on a regular basis, you would observe that whenever you take them to your body after you eat a certain serving of food that has enough or required amount of food that the effects of vitamins is easier to be felt, and seen in your body. It has been explained that fat actually acts as an absorbing agent for all soluble vitamins that you can find in most of the pharmacy and other over-the-counter stores that actually sells soluble vitamins.

5. Women Needs Fat More than Men

5. Women Needs Fat More than Men e1346675260712 10 Unknown Facts about Fats

Basically the reason why women needs fat is first whether you are married or single, women experience ovulation period, and when it happens, it prepares women in general to be pregnant through the process of menstruation. Hence, this monthly period for women really weakens them personally, and the best way to regain their strength is to take fat since it could actually be converted into a reserve energy that they can use for everyday activities. Second, when women give birth they lose large percentage of fat. Hence, it also depends on women who have different eating habits during the pregnancy period. Nonetheless, when a woman give birth, and she would decide to breast feed, she would be needing more fat since all the required nutrients are being transferred to a newborn baby. It’s the same reason why they tend to get thinner or lose weight whenever they undergo breastfeeding. Again, weight loss still depends on women’s eating habit, but generally women need more of it than men.

4. Two Types of Fat

4. Two Types of Fat e1346675249425 10 Unknown Facts about Fats

These two fats are labeled as good fat, and unhealthy fat. Good fat also refers to unsaturated fats, while unhealthy one is saturated fats. Their difference is easy to explain, those saturated fats are those unwanted or unessential to our health. Hence, the unsaturated are those which are needed or important to our body. Most of the unsaturated fats are compositions of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. On the other hand the saturated ones are normally found on meats like chicken skin, dairy products, and other trans-fat products. It would cause bad cholesterol, stroke, and even heart diseases. You may take low-content of saturated products, but make sure that it’s in moderation at all times.

3. An Energy Reserve

3. An Energy Reserve e1346675237615 10 Unknown Facts about Fats

It is indeed an energy reserve since fat contains high level of calories which are being converted to energy reserve. Based on calculation one gram intake of fat is actually equivalent to about 9 calories, and if you are going to store a pound of stored fat, you would have an equivalent 3,600 calories of energy. These calories are the things that you would be needing in order to perform your daily activities like if you are into sports, active in doing regular exercises, and other rigid activities. Hence, you may tone down a bit, if your activity is not as hefty with the said mention routines.

2. Essential and Storage Fat

2. Essential and Storage Fat e1346675227860 10 Unknown Facts about Fats

As it implies, they are necessary for one’s health. They are normally found stored in human muscles, bone marrow, organs, and nervous system. The other type of fat actually lies beneath human skin which is actually indictors if you have gained weight, and would tell you if you have to lose weight. Hence, they are needed for the overall function of the human body like production of hormones and boosting of immune system.

1. Percentage of Fat

1. Percentage of Fat e1346675212263 10 Unknown Facts about Fats

The standard healthy body fat for human is actually divided according to gender and age bracket. Nonetheless, it could be seen that men have higher composition of body fat compared to women from 18-39 years old, 40 to 59 years old, and 60 to 70 years old. The difference is more than 100%. Nonetheless, for women, they have to maintain 13 to 17% of body fat which are normally stored in their hips, breasts, thighs, and bottoms. For men, it’s usually stored in their abdomen. Hence, for men, they have to maintain an essential fat of about 3 to 5% which is quite less than women.