The US Presidential Elections 2012 has finally come to its end point. People made the final decision who they would want to continue to lead America and nations in the world. In fact, there are various reactions already to those people who are Pro-Romney and who believe that he deserves to be in that post. Some might think that this is one of the most controversial elections to the citizens of America because of the different issues that were thrown by two candidates especially their ability and capability in resolving major issues that they have been experienced, and still being experienced. No one would really know if one has made the right choice when they voted for specific candidate, but things could be seen after one has finally assumed the responsibility. Words are not enough to gauge the leadership skills, and not even the achievements that one could print and brag about online. Everything will be tested when one is placed into situations that he or she needs to act and perform. Of course, not all countries in the world have tasted the sweetest victory in the world especially when it comes to political rights, and power to vote. One vote counts and it matters on how it will govern people. Let’s recall some of the major setbacks in the political history of the United with these Top 10 Worst US Presidents in history.







10. Bill Clinton (1993 – 2001)

10. Bill Clinton 1993 – 2001 e1352273837599 Top 10 Worst US Presidents in History

He became the third youngest President in the United States in 1993 until year 2001 and some of the things that made him one of the worst US Presidents of all time are the deregulation of Oil Market, declaration of war in several countries, lack of political decisiveness, and of course the humiliating scandal of his relationship with Miss Lewinsky. It was a disappointment because of the immoral issues that placed him in total disgrace especially to his wife.

9. Zachary Taylor (1841 – 1845)

9. Zachary Taylor 1841 – 1845 e1352274205471 Top 10 Worst US Presidents in History

Citizens of America who have personally witnesses the kind of leadership and governance during his term could not even remember the kind of President he became, but they chose to forget him instead of recalling that he’d been part of the US History. According to history, he was the 12th President who had known nothing because of his upbringing. He received mockery even when serving in military post which made him unfavorable and unlikable.

8. Andrew Johnson (1865 – 1869)

8. Andrew Johnson 1865 – 1869 e1352273826928 Top 10 Worst US Presidents in History

He assumed the Presidential position on April 15, 1865 by becoming the 17th US President when Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in 1865 and he automatically took his place since he was the Vice President that time. He finished his term on March 04, 1869. He was one of the Presidents that were impeached despite of his likable personality when he was young; he was not able to maintain it when political ambitions sunk deep on his mind. Major issue against him is slavery, for ignoring the Southerners, proposing hanging of traitors, reconstituting the government, and other issues that made him a greedy leader.

7. Millard Fillmore (1850 – 1853)

7. Millard Fillmore 1850 – 1853 e1352273816782 Top 10 Worst US Presidents in History

He was a member of the Whig Party, and he happened to be the last member of it that was elected as the President of the United States on July 09, 1850, and his term ended on March 04, 1853. He took the presidential seat when President Taylor died in 1850 that made the tragic change in governance by replacing cabinet members, and putting individuals who would be in-favor with the Compromise of 1850. He even approved the Fugitive Slave Act that worsened the situation.

6. Ulysses S. Grant (1869-1877)

6. Ulysses S. Grant 1869 1877 e1352273807217 Top 10 Worst US Presidents in History

His successful execution and performance as a War General during the end of the Civil War paved the way for him to be elected as the 18th President of the United States on March 04, 1869. He was also known as The Butcher, Uncle Sam, and Unconditional Surrender and it was really opposite on the character and leadership that he had shown while serving in Civil War. He was involved in several scandals, appointments of corrupt cabinet members, fraudulent activities, and even discovery of other administration scandals during his two-year terms as a President. Even at the end of his term, he tried to protect people who should be responsible before the citizens of the United States, even his own secretary.

5. Franklin Pierce (1853-1857)

5. Franklin Pierce 1853 1857 e1352273797162 Top 10 Worst US Presidents in History

He was the only elected President in the United States that came from New Hampshire on March 04, 1853. He was also a Jackson democrat, where he got the title doughface because he carried to himself principles that Southerner has although he was a northerner. He expressed his support on the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854, Compromise of 1850, and even wanted arming Cuba and even his opponents suspected that it might lead to another new slave state. In fact, in one of the letters of Theodore Roosevelt to President Pierce, he described him as a servile tool of men worse than himself, and other negative reviews about the President.

4. Warren G. Harding (1921 – 1923)

4. Warren G. Harding 1921 – 1923 e1352273785739 Top 10 Worst US Presidents in History

Governor, and US Senator. He was not able to magnify his position because of his plunderous acts, indecisive leadership, and his gambling activities. In fact, his Cabinet Secretary was even sent in jail and even appointed his friends in important positions, which was known as Ohio Gang and everyone was aware of their attempts to grab government power. He just served two years in the Presidency because of his immoral activities, and fraudulent acts.

3. James Buchanan (1857 – 1861)

3. James Buchanan 1857 – 1861 e1352273776258 Top 10 Worst US Presidents in History

He became one of the worst Presidents in America because of issuing a statement expressing that he did not take any interest in slavery issue since he said it was “of little practical importance” and the decision made by the court that time to prohibit descent of Africa in becoming citizens of United States took effect. It was a belief of everyone that it was really the motive and intention of the President, and he was also the source of economic downfall which was known as a Panic of 1857. In fact, he even got a vote as the worst President in the history by historians themselves in 2006.

2. Andrew Jackson (1829 – 1837)

2. Andrew Jackson 1829 – 1837 e1352273768536 Top 10 Worst US Presidents in History

He became the 7th President of the United States on March 04, 1829, and his term ended on March 04, 1937. He was put on the second position on this list because of his open-defiance and opposition to the ruling of the Supreme Court, and has had several liberties issues. In fact, he even owned the biggest slave-owner which was located in the Southwestern part of the United States. He was also known as an Indian killer, implemented by force the Ethnic cleansing in vigorously manner, and his unreasonable economic policies and one of which was the executive order to end federal deposits to the Second Bank. The worst part that he did was his dubious political legacy that brought resentments to a lot of people against him.

1. Richard Nixon (1969 – 1974)

1. Richard Nixon 1969 – 1974 e1352273759204 Top 10 Worst US Presidents in History

He was the only President in the United States that resigned from his position as its 37th most powerful man in the country, and in the world. He was elected on January 20, 1969 and left on August 09, 1974. Some of the issues associated with him are secret bombing made in Cambodia, his secret conversations of cover-up were divulged, wire-taps, harassing opponents, illicit campaign distributions, break-ins, and his Watergate Scandal. In fact, he even got the title of an Unindicted co-conspirator, and when he felt that he could not won over impeachment case against him, and even find himself being convicted by the Senate, he finally made his way to bid goodbye from his Presidential position.