The animal kingdom is known to be harsh to the prey and advantageous for the predator. Because there are certain members of the kingdom who are not known to have skills that may outrun and outlast their hunters, the hunted uses a special kind of defense mechanism in order to protect them from being eaten. Before man wore suits that blend with the environment, animals have already became experts when it comes to the art of hiding, by utilizing camouflage that may either make them blend with their surroundings or have physical features that makes them hard to find. Just who are they? For starters, you may look at the pictures of the top 10 animals that perfectly blend with the environment and see if your eyes can see them quickly.


10. Flounder

10. Flounder Top 10 Animals that Perfectly Blend with the Environment

No, this is not the same kind of flounder that you could think from Disney’s the Little Mermaid since the fish being talked about belongs to the flatfish group. Based from its name, you can see this species of fish very close to the ground as it cannot swim very high due to the size of its fins being too small compared to its body. Its color is usually grainy brown and white that all it needs is to shake itself down the sandy surface and you end up only seeing its eyes.


9. Grasshopper

9. Grasshopper Top 10 Animals that Perfectly Blend with the Environment

They are very easy to catch, whether it may be caught by birds or by people. Due to their weakness of limited movement where they are only able to jump from one area to another, being susceptible of being eaten. Knowing that they cannot move too aggressively for their escape, they blend with whatever grass or leaf that is near them. Even being enhanced by their rear, which can be formed as leaves, they are able to avoid being some other animal’s lunch.

8. Lichen Spider

8. Lichen Spider Top 10 Animals that Perfectly Blend with the Environment

Spiders are usually known for being predators of flies and other smaller insects that fall for its web trap. Although most of them do not have the capability of being able to blend with their environment, the lichen spider is a bit different. Despite that it is noted to have poor eyesight of recognizing its surroundings, what this spider does is it depends on its sensitive abdomen to know which area nearby feels like lichen. From there, it shifts color and becomes almost undetected.

7. Plangia

7. Plangia Top 10 Animals that Perfectly Blend with the Environment

At first glance, you may not even know that they actually lie on the branches of trees or on plants because their wings are shaped and colored as leaves that you may not even be surprised if they move a little. Plangia, also known as Bush Crickets or Katydids are great natural hiding artists that they no longer need to concentrate on changing their skin pigments just to meet what is demanded of camouflaging nearby leaves or twigs.

6. Camouflage Owl

6. Camouflage Owl Top 10 Animals that Perfectly Blend with the Environment

Owls are known to be nocturnal kinds of birds, or those that stay awake in the evening more than daytime. They hunt food at night where rodents and insects are selected to be the best parts of its diet. Due to their activity at night, they do not want, as much as possible, to be disturbed during the day. Mind you, that as it tries to have a good day’s sleep over some trees and branches, it mimics the color and even the texture of the tree where it is actually hanging. Because they have good eyesight to begin with, mimicking to them is simpler as they process details of their environment in fuller attention to detail.

5. Dead Leaf Moth

5. Dead Leaf Moth Top 10 Animals that Perfectly Blend with the Environment

Moths, despite being less tasty than most attractive butterflies, are also selected as one of the alternatives in case fowls of the air cannot find succulent or more delicious insects. As it is recognized to satiate hunger from most predators, what it does is that it goes flat down to the ground, and it changes color just like the dead leaves nearby. The result? It becomes a perfectly safe insect at any time of the year, especially during the season of fall where leaves are all colored red, brown, orange, and even yellow.

4. Dead Leaf Mantis

4. Dead Leaf Mantis Top 10 Animals that Perfectly Blend with the Environment

The dead leaf mantis has different kinds and species depending on certain features that is emphasized on the shape of the wings, the built of the rear and abdomen, and even the representation of the color and form of the leaves it carries. Some of the famous breeds go to the scientific names Deroplatys Desiccata, Acanthops Falcataria, and the Deroplatys Lobata, all taking advantage of the decayed leaves that stays on the branches of trees or those that have fell to the ground. Even with owls, hawks, and eagles having the sharpest of eyes that view with almost seamless precision, they still have some difficult time to check where these insects are located.

3. Bat Faced Toad

3. Bat Faced Toad Top 10 Animals that Perfectly Blend with the Environment

As you look into the picture, you may easily be able to identify the presence of the toad based on its legs, but the text color of the leaves, the texture of the soil on the body, and even the pair of holes on the head. However, you may notice that there are not too many toads that have this kind of shade, nor it can mimic much of environmental appearances that do not look as natural, such as holes on the leaves. What makes it even more special is the “bat faced” feature, even improved with color that resembles the Dark Knight quite closely.

2. Glauert’s Seadragon

2. Glauerts Seadragon Top 10 Animals that Perfectly Blend with the Environment

This is one of the most difficult animal species to detect, especially if it mingles with plant life underwater. Even if it stands away from the environment it loves to stay with, such as fire corals and other forms of seaweed, the leafy seadragon can be found swimming with majesty, where plant-looking fins are serving merely as a part of disguise. It can be surprising that such features are never used for propulsion or movement, as it may actually prove valuable for saving its own life from sea predators and humans who are interested to its properties being used as a formula for alternative medicine.

1. Iguana

1. Iguana Top 10 Animals that Perfectly Blend with the Environment

Perhaps one of the best features of being a great camouflage expert is that you need to have an excellent pair of eyes that can be sharp in looking at shapes, formations, colors, and even textures, all done at long distances. The iguana in this picture is so good that people who have looked into this photo mentioned that they saw a bird, a rodent of some kind, while others think that the picture only presents some pile of rocks on a rocky hill. However, when you take a closer look on the middle part, you can see a creature that becomes so hard to be found by predators.