Thanks to social media where you get to be connected to thousands, even millions of people all over the world, differences between territories, views, culture, and even languages are being bridged, making this planet a smaller place to live in. However, as there are great benefits of such development in technology such as being connected to friends in other countries or knowing the buzz of the trending issues, there is also a certain backslide to it, where what you post may or may not please people. Known as cyber-bullying, you can be nailed at verbal abuse and you can even die because of it. You may not be able to totally avoid this kind of degrading act, but there are top 10 tips in overcoming cyber-bullying.


10. Think before You Click

10. Think before You Click Top 10 Tips to Overcome Cyber bullying

You may not know it much, but by the mere fact that you are actually “liking” a statement of somebody, no matter what side of the story it may be involved in, only shows your interest on whatever is happening. This also applies to cyber-bullying. Friends may be there for you to protect you on social networking sites, but just clicking a single message could mean that you are encouraging the attacker to hit you some more. Worse, your friends may be hit too.


9. Release Your Anger

9. Release Your Anger Top 10 Tips to Overcome Cyber bullying

It may or it may not be that you are the kind of person that simply gets angry when being tapped, but when this happens, it is always advised that you find an avenue where you can release your anger without affecting the people around you. Some of the suggestions that work best is playing video games, counting 1 to 100, crumpling used paper, or engaging yourself in a hobby that takes the most of your time. You will never notice that your attention is being diverted to something you love, and you may even forget the feeling of experiencing cyber-bullying.


8. Do Not Block Them off Your List

8. Do Not Block Them off Your List Top 10 Tips to Overcome Cyber bullying

This tip may sound contrary to what others are advising since blocking a person deprives them of posting anything on your personal page. While this activity may prove helpful for you not seeing what they are about to say or do, they would just make matters worse by diverting their attacks in a higher level. It could go worse if their venture to cyberspace would make them find information that was supposed to be limited in social networking sites. Their sights expand when there seems to be no way of beating you.


7. Do Not React Right Away

7. Do Not React Right Away Top 10 Tips to Overcome Cyber bullying

The thing with cyber-bullying or even bullying is that offenders would like to see their victims squirming with fear and anxiety as they are being crushed to the ground. Sounds harsh? Well, that is as harsh as they could get, especially when they take pleasure in seeing your demise. When you are being budged by irritating messages, provoking statements, or rants that are just below the belt, do not respond right away. In fact, you should think over and over again as to how you would react.


6. Do Not Seek Revenge

6. Do Not Seek Revenge Top 10 Tips to Overcome Cyber bullying

Back in the old days, people believe that there is satisfaction when getting back at those that have offended you. However, seeing at how this end up things, it would be either that one would end up dead, or the battle lasts over a longer period of time. In the case of cyber-bullying, messaging back the way the bully attacked would only imply your interest of cleaning your name. They just love it when you bite the bait off their trap, slowly breaking your sanity down to bits.


5. Report the Activity to Authorities

5. Report the Activity to Authorities Top 10 Tips to Overcome Cyber bullying

There is no such thing as cowardice when you respond to attacks in ways that you are only protecting yourself. In fact, responding to cyber-bullying this way gives you a realization that there are organizations, entities, and groups that condone such acts. Without them knowing, you may take on screenshots or even providing some info about the offender will be taken appropriate action. It can go as simple as an email reminder or could be huge as account deletion.


4. Talk to Your Loved Ones

4. Talk to Your Loved Ones Top 10 Tips to Overcome Cyber bullying

Never carry the burden of cyber-bullying on your own. Find time to talk to your friends and family members as they are the ones that actually know you well. You may show the bullying activities, but do not encourage them to hit at the ones they hit you. They can provide advice on how you would handle such things, and they are great people that recognize the good things you have.


3. Recognize Your Achievements

3. Recognize Your Achievements Top 10 Tips to Overcome Cyber bullying

Some people are engaged into cyber-bullying because of what you have done or how you look in their eyes. Although they are entitled to speak their mind at how annoying you are that they’d even want to beat you to a pulp, they have no right to question you for everything that is just about you. Think of the good things you have done, your achievements and fulfillments in life, your great influence to others, friends that stayed behind your back, parents that loved you for your kindness, and other things.


2. Change Your Perspective

2. Change Your Perspective Top 10 Tips to Overcome Cyber bullying

Bullies like it when you feel sad, infuriated, irritated, and even grieving in response to their malicious statements. So the more you show your emotional downside, the more active cyber-bullying becomes. You do not have to think that they know who you are. You can just change your outlook of the situation by thinking of the people who love, support, and like you for being simply you. Think that the person is just unhappy for you, or they are bitter at something you have done or achieved.


1. Share Something Positive

1. Share Something Positive Top 10 Tips to Overcome Cyber bullying

When sacred scripture told of the words “Love your enemy”, that was never a suggestion in the first place. It was a counsel that was meant to be followed, especially at this time and age where people can be easily provoked by anger, misunderstanding, and confusion. There is something good in every person, even those who are engaged in cyber-bullying. So rather than think of them as reprobates, why not say something nice to them? After all, it is said that kindness is the sweetest revenge.