Top 10 Meanings of Number 13

Top 10 Meanings of Number 13

It is true that people have been anxious and excited in welcoming 2013, but there are several individuals who are skeptical about the last two digits that signify bad luck. The number 13 has been clearly associated in any misfortune or any untoward, unexpected incidents that happened or might happen in someone’s life. According to Wikipedia, 2013 stands for the 2013th year of the Common Era under the Gregorian calendar. To further remove some doubts about the most important number of the year which is 13, let’s get down to the top 10 meanings of number 13. Is there anything that we should fear about or is it just one of the old traditions that have been passed from older generations? Why it is there is no 13th floor and room number 13 in most of the buildings and hotels?  Moreover, why do we see Friday the 13th as the worst day that we have to avoid? Are there really answers in all these bizarre ideas or is it just a custom that we have been following all these years?

10. Thirteen Joints of the Human Body

People have been avoiding this number, but they are carrying collective parts of it that completes the number 13. Indeed, the major joints of the human body such as the ankles, knees, hips, wrists, elbows, shoulders and neck, adds altogether 13, having a pair of each part, except for the neck, which holds the head. Movements will never be possible without joints that actually link together 206 bones in human body.

9. The Cabalist Representations

For cabalists, this number is interpreted as dragon, murderer, Satan, and snake. It actually opposes to what the Christian faith has established and inculcated to their followers and believers. Hence, it does not mean or refer to the evil side of things because of the close associations of Satan and the snake that typically represent evil things or negative symbols.

8. A Prime Number

In the numerological context and view, it is not just symbolical, but it’s relative to success and fulfillment because of the number three. It cannot be divided by itself that’s why it is a prime number that stands for its incorruptible nature, integrity, and purity.

7. Death Card in Tarot

If you are familiar with Tarot Cards, you have been introduced to the so-called thirteenth mystery of it which is unnamed. It could be the reason perhaps since there are uncertainties involved in it such as death, rapture, the end of something, and on the positive note, it signifies change. Death is not the end of everything whether it’s something that we follow or not. We make decisions that determines the path that we are trudging, whether we go ahead or we stay stagnant.

6. Beginning of Witchcraft

13 is the right age where anyone could learn the power of witchcraft. In fact, it has 13 lessons that one has to take in order to know the mysteries of it, and how things operate. Moreover, the group of witches has also 13 members. 12 are actually the followers, while one serves as its leader. Although there are rules set like covens must be divided equally in terms of members for males and females in order to achieve the Gardnerian witch, adhering to the numbers indicate loyalty. Hence, this information is still yet to be confirmed.

5. Signifies Maturity

In the typical setting when a boy or girl reaches 13, it signifies the adolescence period although in most books, changes happen physically, emotionally, socially, and psychologically upon reaching 12. Nevertheless, in Judaism, 13 is an important mark for a boy to be welcomed as a worthy member of the Minyan and deserve the title of Bar Mitzvah. It is an important hallmark of maturity that equates to this number.

4. Lucky Number        

There are several instances where number 13 gave good luck and fortune to others. In fact, it only proves that there is no really a lucky or unlucky number because there known personalities who have achieved greatness and success because they have worn clothes that have number 13 printed on it. Some of them are sports personalities that won championship titles with their teams and individually. Shaquille O’Neal wore a No.13 jersey in 1996, Yao Ming, Tim Duncan, and a lot of names have done the same. The only country that believes that it carries fortune and luck is Italy, while all others despite of the modern influences and breakthroughs, still holds to the curse that it might bring to their lives.

3. Full Moons

It is not just related to the moon, but are we aware that the average degrees per day are 13. There are also 13 Lunations in a year. Although we have 12 months in our standard calendar period, but talking about the cycle itself, it calculates that there are about 12.37 lunations in a year. Under the full moon cycle phase, there are 13 full moons under the Gregorian Calendar that comprises of 12 or 13 new and full moons as explained in Wikipedia. For better understanding, last year of 2012, the 13th full moon actually fell on December 28, 2012. For this year, expect that there would be two full moons in a specific month, which cannot be calculated as to when it will fall. Nonetheless, it has something to do with the angle between the Earth, Sun, and Moon. In a year, there is 365.25 days that have 12.37 full cycles. Based on calculations, the other full moon might happen in August.

2. Unlucky Number?

The history why 13 is considered unlucky is because of the Mayan Calendar. Last year, everyone was anxious if doomsday would take place on December 21, 2012 since that was the last day and year found in Mayan Calendar. In fact a movie was even made years back entitled 2012 that shows how the world would end. Moreover, under this calendar, which is called the 13th Baktun, was actually a representation of catastrophic events that could have happened in 2012. However, it was not fulfilled at all nor any scary predictions of the followers of Mayan Calendar could really predict that there was really misfortune associated in number 13. Some people say that according to history that it was only a result of phobia, trauma, and of course one of the superstitious beliefs that has been inherited over time.

1. The Last Supper

Biblically speaking, the last supper of Jesus Christ happened with his chosen disciples whom he called as His 12 apostles. Surrounded in a round table, Christ was numbered that completes the number 13 of His last meal with His beloved followers. Moreover, there are also thirteen titles given to Jesus Christ which were mentioned in the gospel of Saint John in the New Testament of the Bible. Also, the last Supper happened on Chapter 13 of the book of John.

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