Top 10 Best Harlem Shake Videos

Top 10 Best Harlem Shake Videos

It has been a couple of months already since Korean rapper and singer Psy shook the world with his Gangnam Style. But who would have thought that there will be a trend that is just as viral, coming from the US, in such a short time? Thanks to Bauuer for creating the Harlem Shake music, people from all over the world is feeling the insanity, the funny, and the uncanny all over again, despite of not dancing horse style. Harlem style is so American that you do not need to memorize dance steps just to be cool, where the only thing you need to do is to bring your friends along and shake like you don’t care. Just what are the top 10 best Harlem Shake videos that you just had to see? Check this list out and maybe you could even create your very own! After all, it’s just easy.


10. The Original

Even though the said video has been titled as the original Harlem Shake, many of its viewers are actually contesting as there are some elements that have been disregarded, such as the solo shaking guy on the first half of the video, the numb reaction of friends, and of course, the sheer randomness on the second half. Despite the disputes however, the video with an alien, a pink person, Red Ranger, and a Japanese con man still received views of over 17.56 million views as of February 22.


9. TSCS Original

These five guys all stuffed up in a small room may be a perfect setting for Harlem Shake, especially as it would test their imagination on what kinds of random moves they will do to make the explosion amazing. With all sincerity of the act, many of the elements have been kept, except for the part where everything slows down at the last 2 seconds of the video. Impressive? Some say that this is still the best due to the shaking part, which others have unconsciously observed…


8. The Best Harlem Shake Ever?

At first glance, you may wonder why the washing machine is on the thumbnail of the video… only to realize that it would be the one to do the Harlem Shake. Which comes to the question, “how can a washing machine shake like those crazies on YouTube?” being asked. Well, insane enough, you could obviously see that the appliance is about to break as it’s smoking while spinning the washer. But putting a brick in the washer? Wow! That just blew things up, literally. Good thing nothing blew up though.


7. Version 2

This group already gathers together in the room every Saturday, even before this craze went out. But for curiosity and fun’s sake, they have tried to do the dance anyway. With a bigger room, wider space, and more people, the version 2 of Harlem Shake expects crazier stints and shakes, unlike the TSCS original which was too tight to begin with. And as anticipated, the shake is just crazier with the handstand, moving the gaming chair, and the shakers on the bed and on the sofa.


6. Firefighter Edition

Three firefighters and the tightest of space does limit imagination of what can be done for a perfect Harlem Shake. A dancing firefighter may already be enough to satisfy the craving, which would be a bit better with the two others shaking after the first half of the dance. However, you may be as surprised as most people are, not expecting the two visitors that would come Harlem Shaking. Just who are they? Check the video out and laugh hard.


5. SeaWorld San Antonio

SeaWorld seems to have a very good ad campaign of their attractions now being open. And their tool of choice? Three sanitation engineers cleaning the animal stage in between shows. Well, not exactly. Though the first half may be a bore, you will just laugh on the next 15 seconds where trainers, two California sea lions and a walrus join in the shaking.


4. Matt and Kim Edition

This version is one of those Harlem Shake videos that would just keep you guessing especially that it is performed on stage with an empty gym. Though you may anticipate that a crowd will be shaking on the space in the middle, the lights, the jumping, and the energy is just too overrated for a group shake ey!


3. Office Edition

Workers inside Maker Studios actually consented on this 30-second mayhem that all of them found within the huge office area have agreed on performing the crazy dance. As expected, everything begins with the helmet guy doing the shake while everyone else seem too preoccupied on their workstations to even notice the dance. But heck, 14 seconds after, everyone went insane with a dancing gorilla on the table, a fellow punching the stuffed giraffe repeatedly, the handstands, and the shaking guy on the lower right corner of the screen!


2. Portland Edition

Before you even watch this version, it is advised that you set this in 720p in order to appreciate the randomness that waits at the second half of the Harlem Shake video. Oh, and you may even check it out on full-screen for all the details that you need to see. Anyways, knowing that there are so many people on the background means that something explosive is about to happen… Just wished they hid on the first 15 seconds though. The werehorse, the huge head, the box robot, alien, fitness balls, are just so funny. By the way, did you know that MJ has a cameo role in this stint?


1. UGA Men’s Swim and Dive Team

You could easily do Harlem Shake on land. In fact, you could do it almost everywhere, at any occasion. But the men’s swimming and diving team of the University of Georgia thought of something unique and funny that cannot be easily overthrown or conquered. Since these guys are adept underwater, they can do everything they want deep in the pool and not suffering much from short breath. Even with the intro, the Stormtrooper is already showing its stuff, which became even funnier when his buddies showed up with a parking cone, sleeping bag, broom, kid-sized basketball ring and board, and even a gas hose?!

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