Top 10 Creepiest Dolls of All Time

Top 10 Creepiest Dolls of All Time

On March 03, Sunday, Japan will celebrate its yearly Doll Festival or    Hina Matsuri, which is also known as Girl’s Festival. This is a special day for all girls in Japan wherein their families would wish them a blissful and successful life. This would only happen as they bring with them their dolls that they would have to display at home along with peach blossoms. According to their traditions, doing this would cast a good luck spell where all other misfortunes will be shunned away because it will be transferred to dolls. Despite that this tradition started in China, girls in Japan have been consistently upholding this day in order to ensure that they would keep the blessings and success ahead of their life. On this list, you won’t find adorable and appealing set of dolls, but the creepiest dolls created since it was first introduced. This might best represent the grief and bad luck that may come our way.

10. Angry Baby Doll

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We are used to seeing the charming, cute, and innocent presentation of kids’ dolls. Hence, this one is full of ill-feelings, which depicts the title given to it, that it’s an angry baby doll. You could see small cracked lines on its face as if telling someone to be ready because he would have the bitterest revenge.


9. A Doll with Sparkling Eyes

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You might wonder if this doll has really sparking eyes, or it is just trying to deceive someone’s eyes because of the innocent yet mysterious set of eyes that create uncomfortable feelings to anyone. If kids, especially girls, love to sleep with their dolls at night, don’t try to have one like this because instead of a wonderful dream, you might have a night of nightmare.


8. Lemon Face

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She doesn’t look like a girl, but more of a boy doll. You would only notice that she’s a girl doll because of her dress. It was called a lemon face doll because of the lemon-faced shape that it projects along with her weird eyes and eye brows that do not appeal invitation and charm.


7. Toddlerpedes Doll

 Top 10 Creepiest Dolls of All Time

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This was the creation of the artist known as John Beinart. It’s actually a weird and bizarre doll of sculptures which he called as Toddlerpedes, and it’s also known as the Human Centipede. It was made out of doll torsos, heads, and limbs for the sole purpose of amusing himself and his friends. Who would have thought that instead of leaving a fascinating feeling, it would create fear to everyone?

6. Marble Doll

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It may look scary the first time you see this, but when you get to know the story behind the creation of this doll, you would be moved as to how it was conceptualized. It was based from a medical condition of someone who has a Pfeiffer syndrome, which is evidently represented through this doll that carries the name of marble. The main purpose of this doll is to awaken the human mind that there are different sufferings and undertakings that we all encounter and experience. Hence, amidst the evolution of the medical healing through scientific process, there are still people who are in physical and emotional torment.

5. Two-Headed Doll

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If you would try to look at this doll, you would see that there are two faces that this two-headed doll shows. One is the good part, and the other is the demonic side. It teaches everyone’s human sides. Everyone has their own strengths and weakness that is best shown through this doll. Nonetheless, just like any other creepy dolls on this list, don’t dare to sleep with it because you may not be able to have peaceful nights, but you might have anxiety of having the same nightmare repeatedly.


4. The Paper Mache Doll

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Believe it or not, it is a doll sculpture that was assembled with pasted paper mache from head to toe. This is the creation of Ryan Thomas because he would need it for an accessory shoot. He did not intend to scare away people because of this weird and scary doll. Nonetheless, his creative mind was able to make something out of an old doll that was supposed to be thrown in trash. Hence, with the help of paper mache that he pasted all over the body of this used doll, he was able to concoct a masterpiece for himself, a cool, yet a chilling figure that kids will never love to play with.


3. The 3-Faced Doll

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It was a personal doll of Tammie V, and has been with her for the last 42 years, going 43 this year. Despite that her husband is afraid of seeing this effigy; she’s been keeping it that long. For the last 20 years, her husband still keeps that feeling of being aloof and away from her wife’s puppet. She loves it, and she desires to keep it as long as she lives.

2. A Doll with Teeth

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We rarely see a doll that shows a full set of teeth. In fact, it only shows a simple grin without showing off any teeth since that’s how a doll is known for. Imagine. This doll has upper teeth that looked gross and dirty. You wouldn’t dare going home seeing this toy on display or even being played in your home by one of your kids. Of course, he’s ready to show his brightest beam, but that does not shun away fear that it inculcate to kids.

1. Chucky Doll

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Who would ever forget the scariest doll that has been introduced and known in the 1998 movie entitled Child’s Play, which had a movie series until the Bride of Chucky? I assume everyone had nightmares after watching and experiencing it. Some had the trauma of keeping away from dolls thinking that it could turn to a monster doll like Chucky who plays as a serial killer in those films.

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