Top 10 Car Companies with the Most Number of Recalls

Top 10 Car Companies with the Most Number of Recalls

Weeks or months after acquiring the car of their dreams, some car buyers find out that their cars actually have some minor problems which they missed to take notice of when they bought the car. And in order to get those problems fixed, the first thing that they deem most rational to do is to return to the car dealership and have them fix the problem. Though it is normal for most car dealers to receive recalls from their clients, these automakers have got to maintain the number of these recalls at a nominal level. This is primarily because receiving a massive number of car recalls from clients tells so much about the reliability of the dealer. Aside from the fact that it costs the automaker too much, it also tends to spoil its image among car buyers. Here is a list of the top ten car companies with the most number of recalls in history:

10. Honda Motors Company

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Since the dawn of the 20th century, Honda vehicles have been known for giving too little attention to the quality of their seatbelts. Car owners claim that when they take off their seatbelts, their release buttons would often crack and therefore become out of use. In the United States alone, this car company has received hundreds of recalls on seatbelts particularly in the 2001 to 20013 Honda Civics and 2002 Odyssey minivans. On top of that, the poor quality of Honda car airbags has also been an issue since 2008. Car owners say that when they deploy too much pressure in their airbags, they end up being ruptured. The car company is geared up to recall around 1.1 million autos today because of their substandard airbags.

9. General Motors Vehicles

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Engine mounts are car parts that link the car engine to the car frame and are typically made of rubber or metal. In the 1960’s, several road accidents took place among General Motor vehicles users due to the poor quality of their engine mounts. Those who acquired cars from this car company claimed back then that the rubber material used in the engine mounts of their vehicles was erosive, and this often resulted in the hysterically high speeds of their cars. This problem is said to have affected more than six million General Motor vehicle users and caused approximately 63 road accidents and 16 injuries at the time. Today, the car company is reportedly planning to recall around 48,000 defective Pontiac Vibes.

8. Toyota

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Though it has been widely touted as one of the best car companies in the world, Toyota has also had its own share of recall problems back in 2010. That year, clients complained about serious defects in the gas pedals of their Toyota Corolla cars, which caused their cars to suddenly come to a halt while in the midst of full-acceleration. As can be expected, this car problem resulted in over 31 deaths among Toyota Corolla users in the United States alone. Toyota cars also received recalls because of their defective airbags manufactured by Japan-based Takata Corporation, the company that also supplied the flawed airbags of Honda cars in 2002. Toyota has been spending millions of dollars recalling over 1.7 million cars around the world since 2010.

7. BMW

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BMW used to have its own airbag inflator issues in the 1900’s and had to recall more than 13 million of its car units across the world. This year, the car company is recalling yet again another batch of 750,000 BMW cars in the United States, South Africa and Canada on account of a grave electrical issue that causes cars to automatically stall while their speed and acceleration are on a full-throttle. The battery cable connection with fuse box inside the BMW cars built between 2007 and 2011 are said to disintegrate over time, causing the cars to come to a full halt because of sudden electric power loss. This is said to have caused several fatalities in the national highways of the three countries, especially in Canada.

6. Porsche       

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The highest-rated premium sports car had its most massive recall early this year, when it had to fix less than 3,000 models 911 Carrera and Carrera 4 cars due to faulty tailpipes. In a press release issued by Porsche, the car company reported that the exhaust tailpipes of these cars were fractured and could fall off anytime and could cause a possible increase in the risk of crash. The German car company is set to replace the tailpipes of its Carrera model cars built between March and November 2012 with more durable exhaust pipe systems by replacing their rear mufflers without charging any cost to its clients.

5. Mitsubishi Motors

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Mitsubishi is currently recalling around 2.2 million of its mini-car vehicles in Japan as a means of addressing its clients’ calls for a replacement in their faulty engine oil seals in December 2012. The Minica and Minicab models of Mitsubishi cars sold in Japan in 2012 are claimed to suffer from engine oil leaks due to their problematic oil seals. Around 660 Mitsubishi vehicles in Japan suffered from engine oil leakages and slip-offs in their seals, mechanically halting the engines and stalling the cars. The car company is allocating around 7.5 billion yen in repairing this essential engine part and in taking improvement measures in its future manufactures.

4. GM Daewoo

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In 2010, US automaker General Motors subsidiary GM Daewoo recalled more than 58,000 vehicles due to major manufacturing defects, affecting its Winstorm, Lacetti Premiere and Damas models. That year, the company had to replace the faulty steering wheels in its Winstorm models released from 2006 to 2007 as well as the defective fuel houses in the Lacetti Premiere cars sold between 2009 and 2010. Daewoo vans were also complained to have been manufactured with substandard safety measures in the United States. Its latest batch of recalls was in 2012, when the car company had to fix around 48,00 0 cars in Southeast Asia due to door lock problems.

3. Hyundai

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In 2007, South Korean automaker Hyundai motors recalled 1,059,824 vehicles and SUVs after it had received complaints on their faulty switches and loose headliners. It took the giant car company four years to complete the recalls and replace more than a million switches that caused several instances of car crash in the United States. On top of those, the car company also recalled almost 200,000 of its Elantra cars sold in 2011 to fix the headliners displaced during airbag deployment through the application of adhesive strips. Following that massive recall, Hyundai had a larger recall in which it replaced all the malfunctioning stop lamp switches of its cars that caused the brake lights not to light up when the brake pedal is pressed.

2. Kia Motors

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 Kia Motor Company, the subsidiary of South Korean automaker Hyundai, is in the process of recalling more than 2,000,000 vehicles sold in the United States, covering about thirteen of its model cars. The complaints rose from issues in the electrical systems of the vehicles as well as the airbags provided for them by another major and controversial Japanese auto parts supplier. The defective switches were also an issue, as the brake-transmission shift interlock features of some Kia models caused electrical instability, hence the wild and continuous illuminations in their warning lights.

1. Ford Motor Company

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Ford vehicles back in the 1980’s suffered from the “park-to-reverse” automatic transmission defect, which refers to the tendency of vehicles to look as though they are in park when they only slip into reverse. This Ford incident is dubbed as the largest recall in the entire history of auto manufacturing, with over 21 million vehicles all over the world affected. This particular defect caused over 6,000 accident-related deaths and around 2,000 injuries in several countries. The Ford Motor Company proceeded with the massive recall after the Department of Transportation of the US government brought the alarming figures to their attention.

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