Each year there seems to be a lot of famous people that get locked up. If you think that celebrities might be the only ones who are beautiful and get arrested then you’re wrong. There’s hot ladies that get imprisoned all over the USA.

Most of the women just want a pen pal. They want mail to help pass their time and connect with someone on the outside of the fence. It’s not fun doing time and more so when you don’t have any mail or a friendship that might give you some hope and laughter. Jailbabes.com invites you to write these lady Inmates a letter or in many cases you can send them an email using prison approved systems.

Check out these 10 Hot Women Inmates

10. Jevonna Pollins



I am seeking a considerate and responsible friend who will indulge in the simple pleasures of life. Someone who can inspire me on this new found journey. Having a strong mental connection with my potential partner is very important to me. I enjoy great conversations and stimulating activities. I am looking to attract a gentleman whose sincere, happy, faithful and kind. I am loyal (so loyal), nurturing, compassionate, sensual, a romantic at heart. I invite you to unlock the endless possibilities of what could prove to become a mutual, enjoyable and satisfying companionship. Don’t hesitate. I’m waiting.

9. Jessica Juarez 



Hi! My name is Jessica. Despite my current circumstances, I have a real zest for life. I would love to meet someone that I can confide in and share all my thoughts with. If you are interested in getting to know me, please write or send me your email address.

8. Jade Keller


I would like to meet new friends who I can share my free time with. I am very active but need someone to keep me grounded and someone I can share my thoughts.
Though I have made a few mistakes in my life I feel I am through with that part of my life and look to find a friend who can share their life experiences and their advice. I love music and reading. I work in the braille program and am going back to college to help me when I get released.
I will correspond with anyone who takes the time to write to me. I’ll be waiting for you.


7. Melanie Gould


Hi, my name is Melanie. I am a girl who loves the outdoors but is trapped inside. Being from Southern Oregon, I take every opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Rather it be camping with friends or walking the yard in prison. I’ve been doing time for 3 years which means I am about half way home.
I am currently in a program that keeps me busy as an be but I find myself to be pretty lonely still. I love to laugh and have fun. I keep an optimistic outlook on life but I know its not going to be an easy change on my own. Hopefully somebody will come along during this crucial time who is both supportive and consistent. I’m open to meeting people for all relationship status long term and short term most of my family is not involved in my life since I came to prison so my plans beyond these walls are yet to be made.

I look forward to meeting people outside of prison and I am eager to see where things will go. I can receive emails, letters, and also make phone calls if you include a phone number. I look forward to getting to know you.


6. Heather Douglas


Hi guys! Let me tell you a little about myself…as you can see, I’ve made mistakes in my life but that’s not who I am. I am making the best of my current situation. I work in the dental clinic as a dental assistant, and I am completing the schooling to become certified. I am doing everything I can to ensure a promising future. I love the outdoors and sports, especially football. Music is my passion. I’m looking to correspond with fun-loving people willing to look beyond my past and get to know the real me. I can’t wait to hear from you!


5. McKayla Fondren 


Hello! I hope I was able to catch your attention and that you are now reading about me! I am 25 years old, 5’8”, 130 lbs and I am a natural blonde! I like to do everything I can to stay in the best of shape and remain fit. I am interested in both men and women. Any age or any color. Looks aren’t important to me, it’s about what’s on the inside that counts. The thing is I miss most from the outside is a companion. I hate being alone. I love to spend time with people. I am very caring and giving. It’s what makes me happy. I feel most like myself when being there for someone else. I am open, honesty and very loyal. I love to laugh and I make the best out of any situation. I am learning from my mistakes, it’s a process but I believe in myself, so I know I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. If you’re looking for a friend who will keep you company and be there for you- then write me! I promise you will be satisfied! Talk to you soon!


4. Haley Fox


Not just another pretty face. Hot, lonely nerd seeking companion and friendship to share thoughts with. I am into fitness and health. I can’t wait to see more of the world when I get out so I can quench my adventurous spirit! My mind is thirsty, too, for knowledge. Politics, art, music all stimulate me. I love to learn new things. If you would like to share the world with me in here, I promise to write you back. I may be a nerd, but I am also a lady, and I would appreciate if you would treat me like one. I like to fill my spare time with reading and music. I have a wide variety of taste in both. I am looking forward to sharing with you.


3. Sabaha Golestani 


I love music, makeup and pit-bulls. I also like to work out and read non-fiction books. I am multilingual, an excellent cook, I can sing and I am a phenomenal dancer. My dream is to become an aesthetician and move to California. Thank you for taking to view my profile. I look forward to hearing from you.


2. Alysia Monroe 


“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts”. Those aren’t my words but I like them all the same. Life has knocked me down a few times. It showed me things I never wanted to see. I experienced sadness and failures. But one thing for sure, I always get up! The real challenge is how you choose to deal with it and of course finding those who plan to stick by your side through it all. I believe that relationships whether romantic or platonic that are forged in hard times have the capacity to be stronger and true. I posted these photos because they show me doing what I love most. Spending time outdoors and by the water. You can email me through the www.JPay.com website but I can only respond the traditional way so you will need to provide a mailing address. I can also make telephone calls but to do so you will need to register your number with the “friends and family” calling system. Please, only respond if your interest in me is genuine.


1. Desiree Shinholser 


I am from both Minnesota and South Florida. I have a love of physics, chemistry, astronomy and all things science related. I’m also a former adult film star (Autumn Skye). I’m a fitness guru who enjoys long jogs and teaching pole fitness when I am not studying something. I have a mandatory sentence that is up in 2024. I am looking for someone that can accept the mistakes I’ve made and get to know who I am today. I want someone that can get me through the worst of my life to enjoy the best to come. Email is available at www.corrlinks.com but I also enjoy snail mail. Here is a list of draconian mail-room rules that we must follow:
Make sure you put your name and address on the envelop
Always sign your letters/cards, without any nicknames must be hand-written signatures
Typed letters allowed as long as you sign it.
Looking forward to hearing from you